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Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with a content flow while writing a content so as to generate more readers.
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    Your question is FAR too broad...what specific problem are you having? What method of writing content are you using....how much research (including keywords) are you doing?

    Do you organize your points/facts/etc before writing or just start putting words down? How well do you know your subject?
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    Like Kay King said, that is a broad question. I'll weigh in with emphasis on your request for help with content flow for increased readership.

    Content Writing Tips for Optimal Flow and Readership

    You can look into AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) combined with PAS (Problem Agitate Solve) to use some tried and true content formulas proven to generate optimal readership and direct response.

    I personally use the proprietary Get the Click formula which is my own more advanced formula for multiplied response, but those first two older classics provide you a good start.

    Look into using the bucket brigade to help specifically with flow and use subheads to break up text to relieve visual eye strain and promote increased readership.

    Use bulleted lists to keep the content fluid and engage with more readers who otherwise may not bother to read.

    Remember to offer reasons why a point you make is important and explain the benefits of every call to action you make.

    Incentivize every call to action you make and watch your response improve near instantly.

    If you really want to ratchet up the readership even more, then look into the use of open and nested loops based on principles found from the research of the Russian scientist Dr.Zeigarnik.

    Treat chapter titles, report titles, video titles, blog post titles, etc. like headlines designed to "sell" readership of the chapter to follow to provide you at least a slight bump in overall readership and response.

    Use short sentences to increase readership flow and increase your content consumption rate.

    Use active voice power words and avoid wimpy passive voice words like gerunds when you can. (Gerunds are words that often end in the "ing" suffix.)

    This approach should give you a great start to improved readership and direct response.

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    Originally Posted by DigitalRaysun View Post

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help me with a content flow while writing a content so as to generate more readers.

    This type of information cannot be answered
    in a forum post. You probably need to take a
    writing course or read a couple of good books
    about content development, coupled with what
    has been stated above.

    There is something on this forum that can get
    you started with writing. It is timeless wisdom
    that Tiffany Lambert dropped:

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    What I would do is go to a proven and successful article already and study how they format and outline their content and emulate them and tailor it to your own brand.
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    Your question is too wide. You gonna need to spend some time to educate yourself about content making and blog development.
    Try to look for a similar threads here in the forum, I'm sure you will find something useful.

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    Originally Posted by DigitalRaysun View Post

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help me with a content flow while writing a content so as to generate more readers.
    Who's your target market? What do they want to find out about? Gossip? Learning about things? News?

    answerthepublic dot com is an option for you. Note you have one or two free questions a day. Go there, plop in your topic, and start looking at the questions. Can you answer them?
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    If you want to get more eyeballs to your content, then you need to learn proper keyword research techniques that focus on low-hanging keywords with little competition, especially if you're just getting started.

    If you want to keep your readers longer, then you need to think about your niche market and your target audience. What do they like? What are their pain points, and how can you help them?

    If you can answer that, and convey it into your content within the first few paragraphs, then you will increase your chances of getting people to stick around.
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    Thanks to everyone who has responded. Are there any long form guides to AIDA and PAS any of your recommend?
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