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I'm doing SEO on my website and want to hire social media influencers.

My first question is, would this work for the web hosting niche? And how do I tap potential influencers? What is the typical cost per post? Where do I begin?

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    Start with a forum search - advanced search - for POSTS with the keyword


    One of the first results:
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      Thank you for the reply, I searched and found an organization I can work with.

      You seem knowledgeable about online marketing. I was actually hoping you could kindly answer another question.

      I know social media influencers work well for eCommerce websites but what about affiliate website hosting? I have a review site where I review the top 10 best website hosting companies. What kind of results should I expect with this niche?

      Thanks again.
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    Firstly you can do off page seo after that you can do social media optimization.
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    Here are a few websites to find influencers:


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    Influencer pricing depends on the size of an influencer - you should check out actual prices as well as steps on influencer marketing before deciding on a collab because some influencers tend to overcharge.

    Influencers can completely change your SEO if you decide to add blog reviews in addition to their sponsored posts. There is a pricing sheet that shows average prices of influencers during COVID that may help.
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  • Yes, since you will be able to store all the interactions that can be made in the publications made by the influencers. You will be able to visualize the traffic that reaches your website, the number of people who have seen that publication, how many people have liked or disliked that product, the service you want to promote...

    You can carry out a campaign with influencers in which, you can choose the type of publication that you want the influencers to make for your campaign, you can choose the influencer that most closely resembles your products or services, you can visualize the work done by the influencer for your campaign before publishing...

    The cost of the publication will largely depend on the type of publication you want to make and especially on the number of followers that the chosen influencer has. But it usually ranges between 50, 100, 200 euros, so I do not consider that it is very expensive with respect to the impact it can cause for your brand.

    I can recommend a pretty good tool that has already worked with many important brands and influencers from many countries. This platform is called ShowMB, so I recommend that you take a look and learn a bit about this platform.

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