Where can I find an Email Agency?

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Hey Warriors, I recently made 1k on Upwork and have 5 star ratings for my jobs.

As you may know Upwork fees are ridiculous.

Right now, I'm looking for long term work projects, maybe with an email agency.

Where is the best place to find these thanks?
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    No, I don't consider Upwork fees 'ridiculous' - you earned money using that platform so why shouldn't they be paid for GIVING you business?
    If you have a 5 star rating you should be able to increase your fees to cover at least part of the percentage.

    You might want to check out AWAI - loads of info and help for freelance writers and copywriters.

    If you are looking for 'agencies that hire writers - you will always be giving up a fee or percentage... Best money for writers is when you know how to attract your own clients directly to your service.
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      Thanks for that, I start cold emailing 2 weeks ago and have 3 calls schedule for next week.

      Just wanted somewhere I could get consistent work.

      I will see how the cold emailing goes, once I can secure my own clients then it's BINGO
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    Hey there

    I don't know that there are many agencies for cold email, did you Google? I found just 1 or 2. There's a few people on Twitter you could follow and DM.

    It's a good idea to focus on closing your calls. Maybe you won't need to work for an agency, just start your own.
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    Hey Londonprince,

    There are PR agencies and Direct Marketing agencies, and you can begin to find both by Googling each of those terms.

    If you get in with an agency, make sure to do a great job and they will use you more and more frequently.

    Yes, you're paid less when you freelance for an agency as opposed to writing for your own clients, but the trade-off is that you don't have to market yourself as much (they already have the clients) and you don't have to deal directly with clients (the agency handles them).

    Agencies can provide steady income, since they are always seemingly swamped with work. This can help fill in any gaps in your self-employment earnings.

    That said, it's also a good idea to look for your own clients as well.

    Why not do both? Give it a go and if you don't like it, you can always just stick to what you prefer--either writing for agencies or having your own clients.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Just Google it

    If finding an email agency is tough you can search out for digital marketing agencies too. There are a lot many advertising agencies that do the work.

    Good Luck!
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    "ridiculous" is some what a strong word. Upwork is doing all fair comparing to fiverr. Upwork reduces the commission fee once you reach $500 of earning with one client, he/she may be repeated or long term client. Fiverr have no such policy. Upwork always consider sellers benefits too unlike fiverr. I am an established service provider in both the platforms my vote is always for upwork. Try to take projects that gives you good pay in short time and it is always necessary to develop essential skills to get consistent work in platform like upwork.
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    In Upwork, you will get ready to buy customers for your services with low competition but Outside of the job marketplace, you have to fight with the big ones. Do not think about the fees, If you go over $500 then the fess is 10% and for $10K it's only 5%.

    Not only that you have no headache about payment collection, Cheater protection, and so on
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    The best email agencies is:
    Ignite Visibility
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