How to improve website page load speed without technical knowledge?

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I have created my own website and one of the challenge that I face is the page speed. I used Google page speed insight to get an idea on the page load time and it's in the red score. How do I improve it so that it goes to the green? I mean the tool does show some statements but I am not sure how to do those without technical knowledge. Maybe I need to hire someone for it? I don't know. If possible I would want to do it myself.

I surfed the great glorious waves of Internet and found several plugins that I can put such as CDN, cache and image compressor to improve the speed. However, the website is still in the red score. I'm sure the image isn't that large in size unless absolutely necessary. If someone could kindly list down some steps to improve page speed, that'd be great. [link removed by moderator]
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Is your site is WordPress site or something else?
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    Firtst, I advise you to read Google's guidelines
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    The first step is to have a good we hosting provider with a good server. I highly recommend Digital ocean, Vultr, AWS, or Linode, over any other. The second step is to use Cloudflare as your DNS provider because you will get free CDN of your website assests. Next, you want to optimize images by making sure you are serving the correct sized image for the container it's in. This helps a lot because it reduces image sizes thus saving bandwidth, preventing your website from shifting around, and causing your website to load faster. You can also lazy load images below the fold or less important ones. If you are using WordPress you can use the Autoptimze and WP Rocket plugins. There's a lot of things you can do to tweak your website and to really make your site fast you should probably hire somebody. Also, don't get too caught up on your scores and focus more on user experience. As long as the website loads fast for you and feels snappy then that's all that matters.
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  • What statements or error messages did Google show you?
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    As you have used Google page speed insight, the tool itself gives you the information of where you need to pay attention. Image sizes are one of the easiest and quick ways to improve speed.
    Further, you can use the tool - GTMETRIX for more indepth speed improvement. Even there the instructions are given which will make it clear what aspects needs to be improved and how to do the same.
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