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Hey everyone,

I have recently been looking for new ways to promote my affiliate links and offers. I have been learning to start advertising using Facebook business manager and creating Facebook ads, but according to my mentors and so many of their other students, ever since probably November 2020, Facebook has just been flagging, disabling and banning ads and accounts like crazy for almost no apparent reason it seems according to so many people I've talked to. Is anyone else experiencing this or found a way to make things work so you don't get flagged all the time.

So anyway back to my initial question, since the FB thing seems to be giving people a lot of trouble due to Co-vid it seems, I'm trying to think of other ways to promote organically or any other PPC way that you can think of that works for you. I'm mostly promoting health products. I recently joined a conversation with an acquaintance online and he mentioned that he found a way to make good money other ways like, Youtube, FB, twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Quora. I am trying to figure out how to monetize on Instagram but I'm not really sure about the process. I have no idea at all with TikTok.

But I tried Quora yesterday and started answering peoples questions with real responses that were of value, but then left a link about 4 or 5 times and now It says you are not able to answer any questions. How the heck do you promote on quora without getting this to happen, does anyone have a strategy of how to successfully promote your affiliate links or sites through Quora. Please help, I'm currently using Youtube, Twitter, and FB, but only Youtube seems to be bringing "some" results but not as much as I'd hope for. I'm really wondering how some people on Youtube can get so many followers and traffic so fast. I'm working my b*** off with 378 videos and my goal is 1000 so that even if each video makes $1 a day its still $1000 a day.

Thanks in advance
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    I do not know anything about marketing on Quora.
    You probably should check if you can buy ads there.

    As to Facebook/Instagram, you have to be careful
    about what you promote there. Their rules are very

    There are certain categories that I wouldn't bother
    promoting at all.

    Facebook has free courses about ad campaigns here:



    It seems that you are well on your way to making
    serious money with YouTube. I agree that you
    should concentrate on that. Work on your SEO
    and other methods to attract more traffic.
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    Originally Posted by S W007 View Post

    Hey everyone,

    But I tried Quora yesterday and started answering peoples questions with real responses that were of value, but then left a link about 4 or 5 times and now It says you are not able to answer any questions. How the heck do you promote on quora without getting this to happen, does anyone have a strategy of how to successfully promote your affiliate links or sites through Quora.

    Thanks in advance

    Here is your main mistake: you left a link 4 or 5 times in a single day, which also happens to be your first time doing this!

    Wow, slow down man, that's too fast, and too much, the perfect recipe for disaster.

    You should start slow and deliberate, you don't want to show the mods that all you care about is marketing your affiliate sites (even if that's your motive). They want to see that you're providing value (which you do) without marketing at first.

    How about the common 1/10 strategy? As in 1 link after 10 comments of value? But this is the thing: Quora wants thorough content which is not thin, else it can be collapsed alongside your links.

    Do this consistently, alternating with days when you don't post any link at all or sometimes. post links that point to other educational sites instead of your own. In a nutshell, don't let them see that you're obviously promoting yourself.

    You asked how people get results so fast - in fact they don't get results fast, no matter what they say on their sales pages. It's a fairly slow process. If you want fast results, go for paid traffic.

    Hope that helps.
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    Quora doesn't like affiliate links use your website instead. If you're trying that hard to make money online I assume you have one.

    Give a really good deep answer then say something like I wrote an article on this if you need even more information, but do not linked directly to a product.

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    You remind me a bit of myself. That's why I can pretty much tell you what might be one of your biggest mistakes. You try to use all platforms at the same time. It's also pretty clear that you can't seem to decide which platform you want to use the most. As soon as you don't see fast results on one social media channel, you give up and think if there is another faster way to get traffic. Then you don't get fast results again and try the next one.

    At least that's how it was for me and with the help of coaching I finally realized what I've been doing all this time. It is called self-sabotage. The key to success is focus and the ability to decide.

    My tip would be to choose a single platform that you want to dominate. In your case you could choose YouTube for example and the moment you do that put everything else out of your mind like Facebook ads, Tiktok, Instagram, Quora. Focus 100% on this one platform you want to dominate and work every day to get better learn it and eventually you will succeed.

    Freely according to the motto keep things simple because simple works.

    For example, if your head was free of these other fantasies, you could better focus on what you could improve on YouTube, how your videos could generate more attention, what topics you could address, and how to optimize your videos both content-wise and search engine-wise.

    Apart from that I would like to answer your question regarding Quora. I have collected 42000 content views there by now.

    The way to generate clicks and traffic on quora is by giving helpful answers like you are already doing yourself.

    But instead of marketing your affiliate link in your answers only to get banned from quora you should put your link in your profile description. There you write very briefly who you are what you do why you are at quora what your goal is and then something like by the way I can recommend this and this to achieve this and this.

    I have developed a very funny method for myself how I can direct people to my profile which works and that is that I simply link my quora profile in my answers instead of the affiliate link or the website link.

    People can click on it, read my description and think about whether to follow the link or not. But again, this linking only makes sense if it also fits your answer and helps people further.
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    You know what I have discovered or learned is that it really doesn't matter the traffic source because people are just about everywhere online these days. Once I started to understand my customers demographics and I understood the foundation for traffic like am I going after the person who is moving away from the pain or am I targeting somebody that is moving towards a pleasure. Once I understand the problem or challenge my prospect is having and the way they are asking I can throw out my hooks where these people are hanging out online. Without this understanding your ad campaigns and landing pages aren't going to be targeted and you really won't have anything to optimize on. Knowing this stuff you can dial your funnel right in all the way from the lead to a front end sale!

    Something else though is today I know separating myself from my competition by having my own website and sales funnel and having the ability to have full control over every area allows me to track and optimize better. Most websites will not allow you to post affiliate links anyways.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Well in order to make money on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter you need to collaborate with influencers and Niche leader to endorse you and your business. For Quora, I dont think so you benefit most. There would be time when your answers and links will start getting collapsed. You can use Quora for brand mentions but you wont be able to drive traffic to your site if you have one.
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