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Hi all

I had an instagram which at its peak had 99,900 followers, before Mark shut it down over "political posts" because I posted criticism of instagram. I never posted nudes or anything against the rules. I did not get a warning, and had no way of warning my followers. This was September 1st. After this I had three months of a complete break from social media.

Now I have just set up a website, which I designed myself and I think it looks pretty good, although I am not a website designer. However, I am pretty sad about that my past followers wont be able to find it.

I am new to this forum so I apologize if I am not aware of the rules, but if its allowed, could some of you take a look at my website and give me some pointers on the design, as well as some tips on how to reach people without instagram? I would appreciate it

- Oda Punkt
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. You'll find most of the forum rules at the link below:

    No, you cannot post your link...but there is an entire section of this forum devoted to social media so finding ways to promote your site isn't that hard.

    ...shut it down over "political posts" because I posted criticism of instagram.
    Almost every platform/forum has 'inferred' or 'unwritten' rules - and you've learned a lesson. Building your business using a platform owned by someone else is a privilege. If you are criticizing that can lose the privilege.

    I've known several marketers who have lost forum and/or social media accts - in every case it was personal rants or complaints that were the issue. If you are using social media to build a business - stick with business posts and commentary....stay away from personal politics or critiques about the (free) platform you are using.
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    I always suggest building your own audience either from your website or build an email list. Once you have full control over your audience then you won't have to worry about it. People try to prefer Social media to do a business it is good practice because they provide everything in a plate-like ready to eat but again it is their property so rather than relying on a third party get the audience at your own property and sell them

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