Launching a Restaurant Delivery Service + On Demand Service Provider and Having Issues

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I am launching a restaurant delivery service in a small town and restaurants are hesitant to make the change. A few have opted to go with DoorDash over mine, although, in fairness, neither my app or website are up yet, and will not be until another three weeks from now.

However, once up, it will be able to support those who want meal delivery, a ride, and also services for their home.

My question is, how can I do a better job of marketing them. I am in sales and having a tough time getting even one merchant for my app.

Thanks for any guidance.
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    I'm launching a brand new search engine (it is not active yet and has no users) and am having problems getting merchants to advertise on it ...

    Only kidding, but the space is similarly competitive, which you had to know from the outset.

    Sales is the same no matter what you are selling ... figure out what the problem is for the consumer/business and solve it. If merchants are not having problems with Door Dash or Uber Eats, it's going to be very difficult getting your foot in the door without offering WAY better terms to the merchants.

    Figure out what Door Dash is doing poorly that you can do better and start there. The only way to know that is to ask the merchants what would make Door Dash better for them. Then, provide those improvements, yourself.
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    Agree with what Dave said. However another approach might be going after local business or consumers. During the early part of of the Pandemic someone was posting to pick up food orders. It may work they posted on Nextdoor they got some local neighbors interested. They were targeting along the line of going after Supermarket orders. Might be away to adapt it to get some business.
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    Originally Posted by mustangboss86 View Post

    neither my app or website are up yet
    Hi Mustang,

    My guess is, if you don't have a previous big success that you can trumpet (like Musk and Bezos, for example), you're probably going to need a working prototype of your system (app & website) before you stand a chance of getting prospects interested in it.

    Furthermore, DoorDash (and the other food delivery services) already exist. To take customer from them, I think you're going to need some sort of competitive advantage.

    That might be price, speed, ease of use -- or something else. But I don't think saying "We're as good as DoorDash" will give anyone an incentive to switch over to an unproven competitor.

    Good Luck to you!

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    Start writing a blog related to advantages of POS ,try to write the articles which have catchy headlines like top 10,best 10 pos available always do keyword analysis before writing for your segment the goal is to aware your target audience about your product ..slowly you will be getting the organic leads and then go for Remarketing in facebook,google which shows ads only go the users who have visited to the blog/web earlier and for them create offers and through digital advertising woo them .. it always works .it also increases your brand engagement and gives your higher conversion lead ratio
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