How do I marketing & boost the sell of my Amazon Kindle ebooks?

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What are some good and effective strategies for marketing my Amazon Kindle ebooks?
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    Originally Posted by naturalreo View Post

    What are some good and effective strategies for marketing my Amazon Kindle ebooks?
    Reviewing other Kindle eBooks is a good place to start. Particularly those that are written on the same topic as yours. Dont trash the other Author, leave meaningful and inciteful feedback. Meaning actually READ the book.

    In order to build an audience, you have to build authority.. and above is the easiest and quickest way to start that. IF you have a blog or website, start writing about those same books on your page. Become a Amazon affiliate and get some change for each book you sell other than your own. PLUS, you can sell your book as an affiliate as well (added bonus )

    THAT would be a start
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    The description of the book sounds like a non-English writer composed is not for 'all ages'....there are no reviews at all...and the author page has no information about the qualifications of the author.

    A parent looking for an educational book for a young child will usually be looking for books written by teachers or child care experts. The competition in that kindle area is strong with many rated 4-5 stars. THAT is what you have to compete with.
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