What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing?

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If they are different. Which one is better?
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    Marvin, internet marketing is a term applied to any marketing online. Affiliate marketing is a subset of internet marketing.

    If you search the forum for affiliate marketing, you'll find many discussions that will help you.

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    Affiliate marketing is marketing another website's products, getting the person to click over to that other website and purchase the product. You are then paid a small percentage of that sale if the site you are linking to is honest.

    Internet marketing is marketing anything on the internet - an affiliate product or service, your own products or services or a product that you buy wholesale and ship yourself or have dropshipped from the supplier..
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    Affiliate marketing means this:

    You sell other people's products that are already created for you for a commission when someone buys. You are a middle man so to speak.

    Cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to create the product yourself, you don't have to write the copy, you don't have to create customer service, and you don't have to handle payments.
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    Here is a funny but yet relative definition
    Internet Marketing (Dad) ----> Affilaite Markting (Son)
    Internet marketing contain any kind of marketing done online whether its your own product or any others product. While affiliate marketing is something you sell to others and get a commission .
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    Check out the Affiliate Program section for insights - https://www.warriorforum.com/affilia...gram-database/
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    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where we sell or promote a product and earns a commission from them. While Internet marketing is a type of online marketing where we do product/service marketing on social media/search engine platforms.
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