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So, I'm super small scale and want to expand a bit. I'm looking for white label and private label companies of all sorts (Clothing, mugs, paraphernalia, etc.) I'm in the business of world-building and would like to offer more products with my brand on them.

Ideally, I'd like to step into the world of dri-fit tees, poly hooded tees, etc. However, other items would be welcomed.

I realize that identifying a few key items that play off each other would be ideal, but simple google searches aren't turning up anything useful at allllllll.

I want the products to be manufactured (and preferably sourced) in the USA , and I want to be able to print small count runs of any items that I can turn up (25-50 at a time). I can't afford large runs, and haven't scaled to a place where I can market to a large audience either. However, I do need to be able to step up my production output because I am currently in a position where my output for such little return per sale isn't sustainable.

Know of any manufacturers in the USA that can help?
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    Originally Posted by AFreshBreakthrough View Post

    Know of any manufacturers in the USA that can help?
    The absolute best advice that I believe i could give you is to look locally. There is without question a screen printer local to YOU, that could help you.. and in turn you woul dbe helping them. Its super easy in this digital world to look beyond assets and possible partnerships that are literally in your back yard.

    In terms of say Mugs, tumblers etc... really something you should be looking at producing yourself...


    Sublimation Printer:

    Sublimation Ink for above printer:

    Sublimation Heat press:

    Something like $500 in to start... and your production concerns are put to rest. You can buy blanks at the dollar store or Michaels all day long.

    A $1.25 dollar store coffee mug and maybe $2.00 in ink and paper, and you have a $15.00 item

    Hope that Helps!

    PS none of the links above are affiliate links.
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    • Thanks for the advice. I will look into all of the above.

      I struggled with the local printers. They often charge so much that I'm not even sure that I'd be able to sell the shirts for any kind of profit. But, I'll keep looking.
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    Great advice. Although, it's quite a lot of upfront investment. I'd start half and half. Keep white labeling, but then your most popular product lines, where you can guarantee revenue, start there.
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    One thing to keep in mind about local print shops, I looked into this myself. While they will probably do small runs that you want, they will also probably have a set up cost. this could be anywhere from $100.00 and up. The larger the run the lower the setup cost could be.
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