How to implement Affiliate marketing?

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Hello Guy's I am new to this forum . I have search for different forum for Affiliate marketing stuff.
I didn't get any proper guidance as I expected . I want to learn Affiliate marketing to start my side income. How do I start these online stuff.
Do I need any website or any suggestion for free promotion and learning material.
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    Start with the threads below - read them and then ask specific questions if you have them.

    There are many threads here about affiliate marketing. It's not something you can be taught in a single post - you have to dig in and learn as you go.
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    There is alot of free small, concise books on the internet that teach you affiliate marketing. I would suggest reading them. If you are unwilling to read the content in the links above that Kay mentioned, then i doubt you will be unwilling to read the content in the free books that are online also. Start with those links above, and gradually expand your knowledge. And understand that you will probably not get rich with affiliate marketing within 24 hours.
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    One of the most important things to remember when you're working in affiliate marketing is credibility. It's easy to sway readers with fake news or claims that you've tried ten different brands of a particular product.

    Make the links on your content stand out. Make sure to place them in prominent places, like bold and underlined links. Another great way to get a lot of clicks is to use exit-intent pop-ups - small windows that automatically open when a certain action is performed. Be sure to test these methods first. You'll be surprised how effective they are! So, what are some of the best ways to get more clicks and customers?

    Make sure that the landing page of your affiliate product offers conversion opportunities to potential customers. A good landing page can direct visitors to the company's website. In addition to driving traffic, it can also increase your authority in the industry.

    Moreover, 93% of customers read reviews online before making a purchase. Using reviews can boost your affiliate sales and generate traffic. When used correctly, these strategies can bring you excellent returns.
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    Well you dont need a website to succed .The thing its it cannot explained to you in one post how all works ,you need to do your reasearch ,start implementing and come with more soecific question .If you have the time i advise you to work hard making reviews for affiliate products and upload to youtube as its among the best for conversion .Dont wory the videos are not so hard to create and you dont need to show your face ,you can record the sales page and speak about the product ,thry are many ways to create the videos .The things its that takes time to see some succes with free traffi ,you need patience .Some peoole just work 1 week or 2 and they expect to make a lot of money ,when they see its not hapening they quit
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    Sometimes it can help if you first watch a simple explanatory video on YouTube, for example, to get an idea of how the whole thing works roughly seen.
    Otherwise, I basically agree with the previous speakers and recommend you to read a bit in threads or find good books on the subject. Alternatively you can go to my website and see how not to do it lol.
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    You can learn from youtube videos, alot of videos are already out there
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