Can non native English speakers run good google-ads campaigns?

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Native speaker Ads Manager or Not? When advertising to English speaking countries would a google ads manager from another country ie India, Pakistan be able to fully articulate correct grammer, phrases and more importantly Western mindset in the way a native English speaker would? We are thinking about the possibility of switching from a native english speaking ads manager to a second language speaking manager but fear the difference in cultural thinking and grammer could lead to lesser results. Thank you
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    My opinion may not match that of other members here - but yes, it does make a difference. In my experience, speaking a language fluently is easier than writing it that way.

    In ad after ad on Amazon, I see 'stilted' English used and I can easily identify second language writers. I buy most things online and I will say I buy from 'English SOUNDING' ads whenever possible. Same is true with Google ads.

    I'm not saying it can't be done -there are some excellent English second language writers that advertise on this forum. BUT - you will need to evaluate and get opinions on the 'sound' of the ads rather than just dive in.

    What is your purpose in using an English second language writer? If it's because that person's English is excellent - might work just fine. If it's because you want a cheaper writer you may pay for it in lost sales...and not know what the problem is.

    Below is an example of a well written - but clearly not an EFL ad. My guess is the person who wrote it speaks fluent English - but the adjectives and tense are unusual.

    Delicate design: these dog bowknot dresses for small pets are homogeneously refined with sophisticated stitching; The big bow design adds a sense of sweetness, and your little furry princess will become adorable; And the dresses are flexible, allowing your pet to put on and take off easily without burden
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