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Hello beginners, advanced users, and all Warrior Members.
Anyone here works on amazon kdp and he can help, I need to know what is the good strategy to find the good niche and the good keyword for or in general how to rank on amazon kindle?
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    You are asking for a training course on Kindle with a forum post - that won't happen.

    Use the 'advance search' function on this forum to find thread discussions about kindle. Use google search as well as there are many sites devoted ONLY to Kindle publishing.

    Have you written the book(s)? Have you published on KINDLE? "Ranking" on Kindle is not all about keywords - it's about understanding the Kindle platform and how to use it.

    One thread here that might help:
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  • You can watch YouTube videos on how to do your keyword research to rank in the top position on Amazon search results for your desired keywords. There are plenty of articles on Google about the topic of self publishing on Amazon kpd service.

    There is plenty of information online and on this forum about kindle publishing, all you have to do is use the search bar and type in kindle direct publishing (KDP) for beginners and you'll find all you can read/research/study about KDP.

    It's good to ask questions on forums, but it's better to read and do your own research. Once you're confident about what you've studied on the topic, then put it into practice. Write your own books and self publish them.
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