How as a beginner to make 3k in 2 weeks

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Hi, Im a newbie over 40, Im in a jam I need to make 2500 in 2 weeks if possible, with little out of pocket costs
Any suggestions? Or even a step by step plan? Time is of the essence and then to build a sustainable and leverageable business
that i can get to eventually 10k per month minimum , help????
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    That you could be a member here for years - and ask those crazy. Working online is not magic money.

    Could you go out today and get a job that pays $40-50 an hour? Why not? Not enough experience, training, knowledge, tools?

    Yet you believe you can ask here and someone can tell you how to earn fast with no investment of time or money. Then you want to be told how to move on up to six figures.

    Some links that might help you are listed below - if you read through them you will see the work required to make money. No one here or anywhere can tell you "1,2,3, - here is 4 figures for you."

    Usually, mods would not approve a thread like this one but we've had quite a few new members recently who don't seem to realize that working online is actually WORKING. Almost anyone can figure this stuff out and earn something online - but you have to dig in and do it for yourself.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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      Dude no need to be a d@@k about it I was hust asking a quiestion!!!!
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    No posible sory .Getting a job its the best option for you trust me
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      Originally Posted by spartan14 View Post

      No posible sory .Getting a job its the best option for you trust me
      Between say Facebook Marketplace or another online selling app and eBay - it is ABSOLUTELY possible.

      If you live in the States... You can look on say Craigslist and look for FREE items... you can go out the night before garbage day... You can sell things you have in your house.... you can follow the link above to the eBay thread and learn how to buy low and sell high on eBay.

      IT CAN BE DONE - But... it will take an amount of work.

      I would say drop my in anytown America with a pick-up truck and a tank of gas and say $200 in my pocket.. I would easily have $1000 by the end of the week. Its just a hustle - the more you work at it, the more you will make!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Short term contract work in a trade or skill that pays that much. Lots of engineering, construction, driving and even specialist cleaning trades (like high-rise buildings) can easily do that amount. If to work online like forex or crypto you need to have skills. Everything depends on you .
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    You can achieve anything as long as your mind is able to believe it. However please be careful anyway with your expectations because you seem to be the perfect potential customer for all the misleading marketing messages out there promising you to earn $200 per day without work.

    As you said yourself you want a sustainable business. In order to get that you need skills and time. Otherwise it would be a bit too easy, heh?

    So I would recommend that you rob a bank. That way you don't have any upfront expenses expect a few weapons maybe and you will earn even a bit more than just 2500 within 2 weeks.

    (should be obvious but for special people: it's a joke)

    If you don't like that idea and if you don't want to go for a normal job the only thing that remains is that you learn the true fundamentals of your chosen business, be realistic, work hard and eventually you will succeed and earn your desired income.
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    It is not impossible - but this is another 'help me' from someone who left a few minutes after posting the thread - and has not returned to read the replies.

    So far - "hustle" doesn't seem to be part of the equation. Two weeks is now 'thirteen days'...
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    In the words of Earl Nightingale, "The only people who 'make' money work in a mint. The rest of us must EARN money. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our contribution to others, our service."

    If you want to EARN money online, the formula is the same as it is offline: You need to provide people with a quality product or service that they are willing to pay you for.

    If you want to earn a LOT of money efficiently, you must be able to create that product one time and be able to sell it over and over and over again using a cost-effective system that does not require your continual attention. OR... you must be able to present your product (as in a training seminar) to a large group of people at one time who will pay you for your product or service. OR... you must have a product that is very valuable that has a relatively high price that you can sell using automated tools, but this usually requires some personal conversation to close.

    Working online is just that... WORK.

    Most people get pulled into get rich quick scams that don't work. Trust me, if you paid $27, or $97, or $197 for a course that told you that you can make $2,000 with little work just by following their system, you're going to be disappointed.

    Just as with any job, earning a living online takes skill, and it also requires that you bring VALUE to the table.

    Do you have a VALUABLE product or service to offer the public?

    Ask yourself this question before you set up shop and try to extract $2,500 from people within 2 weeks: "Would I buy this product? And if I did buy it, would I consider it a great value for my hard-earned money?"

    If you can answer a resounding "Yes!" to the above questions, you may have a winner on your hands. If not, you should go back to the drawing board.
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      Great ans I may have something
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    It's possible to make the $2500 in 2 weeks, but based on suppositions gathered from your post, i don't think they would work for you. If you have any form of assets that you can sell (ex: vehicle), i would try that.
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    Rudeness to other members is not tolerated here. If you ask a question - you don't get to dictate how other members answer you.

    If you ask a question that is too broad, too ambitious, experienced members here will tell you that.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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