Free keyword tool that can collect thousands of keywords?

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Hi Guys,
I need a free keyword tool that can collect a lot of long tail keywords and measure their competition because I currently can't afford ahrefs or semrush!
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    Hey Nick,

    Firstly welcome to the forums as I can see you are a new member

    For the free keyword tool I will tell you what I currently do to generate a lot of long tail keywords with less competition.

    Firstly I use a tool called Keyword Sensei to generate thousands of long tail keywords then I export those keywords and import them into another tool called key Suggest to calculate the competition and see the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) of the extracted keywords and by doing that I can know which group of keywords I can go after!

    This method is fire proof specially if your website has less authority in your niche!

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      Thanx @IMisland....
      Is there any way to get free backlinks..?
      I tried from different forums but they charge handsome amounts
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        Look into the skyscraper technique on

        Originally Posted by muneer17a View Post

        Thanx @IMisland....
        Is there any way to get free backlinks..?
        I tried from different forums but they charge handsome amounts
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    Well try ,keywords everywhere etc
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    Key word buddy
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    I would suggest and keyword sensei. Both are free. Keyword sensei will generate a ton of long tail keyword terms, but won't give you the competition amount.
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    I do this for a living... as in get paid... and my mother isnt my only client ( my mom and mom in law - but not just my mom )

    There is literally no need to compile a huge list of keywords - and I say that because the list you are creating is based on tools that ultimately aggregate Google data - and that data is a bad data pool in regards to actual web traffic because it is rooted in web ads.

    Plain and simple goto Google search and search what ever it is you are doing... a list of other options will pop up.. write those down.. at the bottom of the search page you will find "Related searches" write those down. Select 10 to 20 of these terms and write a piece of content for each.

    Once they are published you then want to go into Google Analytics ( Dashboard > Traffic Sources > Keywords ) and at this point you can see what terms your pages are are being displayed for within Google itself. Very Very Very likely the terms you will see your pages are listing for, will be very different from the terms you were targeting.

    You then want to start creating content around the terms from within Google analytics - REAL search data as it relates to the very topic your website is about.

    My intention here is not to bash anyone... but everything written above is absolute BS - there is no amount of tools outside of actual search terms in Google analytics that is worth a damn ( and this includes Googles Keyword tool - and again THIS is based on AD data, and not Search data )

    The shortcut to actually getting traffic from search is to provide content for terms that actually get searches - vs searches that provide ads.

    My BEST search terms are long tail that do not display ads - "best" meaning the ones that get clicks and convert.

    If you want to excel in search you have to use actual search data - nd the above is the ONLY way to actually see an amount of Search data
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I second Savidge above, from experience. If you want to add another layer, talk to people who are interested in buying what you're selling, see how they talk about it, how they search.

    People of different ages may use different phrases, people of different educational background may use different phrases...

    Also, for back up keywords, look at sites where people ask questions... Reddit, for instance... Pay attention to how they word their questions.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mukund Khanna, ubersuggest, and keyword everywhere chrome extension are some free tools that you can try.
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    Hi Nick,

    2 simple ways to get a hefty chunk of long tail keywords related to your niche:

    - Google Semantic Search
    - Answer the Public

    Type your dominant niche keyword into Google. For example, if you blog about blogging, type in:

    "blogging tips"

    Record the 8 or so semantic, long tail keywords that pop up on Google below your keyword.

    Proceed to either search other popular keywords or query "blogging" plus another keyword of choice, for example.

    Answer the Public spits out a high volume of long tail keywords too.

    As of now, both strategies are free.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    one of the strategies we follow (link removed by moderator)

    First we get some ideas about the most suitable long-tail keywords from

    Then we use the keyword list feature of Ubersuggest to find the search volume and the kw difficulity of these keywords.

    Paid tools are better as they can save you much time, but this strategy was facilitated some of my work in my seo company when I was a new employee.
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    Ubersuggest is a good one. You can get free trials with email addresses so its perfect if you're doing a project or content research - use it for the trial period and max out the results and download them to excel or csv file to sue after the trial. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to use it. Cheers, Blair
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