Affiliate marketing, how are they doing this?

by Exel
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There is an affiliate product that is very popular currently and I want to promote, and I noticed there is a YouTube account with several videos ranked at the top of the results. This account has many such videos for different products, posted very recently with a lot of vews, likes and comments.

Here is one such video [link removed by moderator]

At the time of writing, it's posted 1 hour ago, and it already has 5,443 views, 327 likes and 55 comments. How actually are they doing this?

Are these real or are they using bots, multiple accounts, some kind of automation to boost videos and ranking?
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    I can no longer see the link to make myself an image but from your description and from what I have experienced myself mostly I can say that the comments under such affiliate promotion videos are bought to 90%. (especially when the comments look like this: great video! , Incredible Information!, Thanks for sharing!, Great video review etc)

    Regarding the ranking, the corresponding channel has probably gained a lot of experience and knows how to get to the first position by cleverly choosing keywords, titles, thumbnails etc.
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    Thanks for your reply, that makes a lot of sense.
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    Well it can get rank and views by experience but also it can buy views for his video
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    In rare cases, YouTubers do build huge, loyal tribes which boost views and engagement instantly.

    But most folks on the platform - especially in the affiliate marketing niche - tend to either buy this engagement or bots infest the channels.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Ignore the vanity metrics. Views/Likes/Comments don't necessarily mean the marketer is making sales.

    What you need is to be on point with your messaging.

    Ask yourself why you are interested in this particular product. Will it solve peoples' problems? How will it help them?
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      This applies everywhere, innit?

      Originally Posted by DreamBuilderAF View Post

      Ignore the vanity metrics. Views/Likes/Comments don't necessarily mean the marketer is making sales.
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    Hi Exel,

    Have you made any progress in your search? Do you have a more specific idea of what it is YOU want to do?
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    Most of that sort of traffic is not very genuine as mentioned by TobiMDD. YouTube is owned by Google so you can use the same keyword techniques that you use in a blog to rank your video to organic traffic. If your account on YouTube has many followers then it will get more immediate views, which in turn, pushes it up the ranks, which in turn gets more views! So, a small number of accounts can dominate a niche on YouTube, simply from their following.
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