Clickbank & Other Affilate Networks - To Give Trial or Go Full Price? Any experiences?

by Godh
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We're in the very early stages of marketing of a recurring digital services (more info here ) and are looking at giving a free trial.

We're looking at affiliate networks like Clickbank.

Researching the issues it says that Clickbank CAN offer free trials for a product. The questions is this:

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge they can share about Clickbank FREE trials?

Things like:

Does it turn off the affiliate if you do the free trial because they don't get their cut right away.

How are returns (ROI) on trials vs non-trial (directly charging customers)? Do Free Trials outperform directly charging customers in the long run?

Anything to watch out for as far as affiliates or customers when doing the Free Trials?

Clickbank policies on free trials pretty much lock you in and you'd have to create another product if you want to change to no free trial. It would really help to have the experience of anyone that went down this path (free trials on Clickbank or other affiliate networks) so we don't 'sour' either the affiliates or the customers.

Or anything that you'd like to share about this situation: Tips tricks etc...

I hope the above makes sense.

Thank you
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