search console shows product page url with gtm tarcking as Not found (404)

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Hi all im getting some of my sites urls combined with gtm tracking code as 404 notfound in my search console.


Any Suggestions?
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    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    The source of the issue is Google Tag Manager. Although that container has not yet been released, your browser is requesting data from Google's servers, therefore no data will be returned. The Google Tag Manager container must be published after it is created in order to resolve this issue.

    Always complete the following actions when you plan tracking of the new website with GTM:
    • Create a new container in GTM.
    • Publish it (with default settings).
    • Install GTM to your website according to instructions (or ask a developer to do it).
    • Open your website in a browser and check Javascript Console (if you're not familiar with it, here are short Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer instructions).
    • If there's no gtm.js 404 error - go ahead and start setting up your marketing tags.

    Although it's not a major issue, 404 errors will appear in reports if your developers are tracking Javascript failures with specific tools (like TrackJS). Although I am aware that they have filters, merely publishing an empty container won't harm anyone and will instead make unnecessary noise for them.
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