SOS, can someone give me advice on how to ship items I sell on my ecommerce website?

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I want to start an ecommerce website, but how do I actually fulfill orders? Someone teach me something about the best supply chain method.
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    Where is the "SOS"???

    You need to start at the beginning - as you build (or learn to build) your sites you will learn about fulfillment sites, etc. Then ask detailed questions when you need to.

    This entire forum is about internet marketing, selling products and information....start reading and learning. A couple good places to start:

    Also - what have you done so far? What skills/experience do you have? et cetc
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    In terms of shipping I would be looking at PirateShip .com you can buy shipping and print labels from there. and then the only other thing you have to consider is the packaging in terms of shipping... does it fit in a bag, do you need a box? what size box etc.

    I can help with the packaging somewhat... what size are your items? how much do they weight?
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    First off, welcome to the forum. Please make sure to read the forum rules here -
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