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by Hugo10
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Hello friends,

Did you see that today you can create images with IA, just by making a description of the idea you have in mind?


Many of those images are being sold today, in various ways.

But, today I have a question for you:

The description of the idea, "the seed" that generates that image, could it be marketed?

Can descriptive ideas (Prompt) be sold?
Yes or no?

⚠️IMPORTANT: I am looking for a simple yes or no answer.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a site to share, please don't do it now. Since the idea is to read opinions. Thank you very much.

⚠️Update: The answer is Yes, thanks to sites like Prompt Base.
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    You could sell it if someone would be willing to buy it. And if they were assured your 'image' would not infringe on other images in any way, etc etc etc. But why would they?

    Buying that description could result in an image that looked like a real duck, like the drawing of a duck, like a cartoon duck....and how much would you charge for a short description? What if the buyer had a mallard duck in mind, etc?

    I hired a graphic artist years ago to create a logo and header for a group effort at a small temporary business. There were 4 people involved plus myself - and they gave a rather 'general idea' of what they wanted. From the colors to the size to the characters included, that unique image was EXACTLY what that group had asked for....and none of them liked it...and all of them gave different reasons.

    When it comes to graphics, the person buying may not be able to create the image...but they have an image in their mind whether they realize it or not. My guess is if you had six 'duck images' for someone to look at, they might choose one. If you give them one based on a general will not match the image in their mind.

    With AI becoming easier as we go along...why would anyone pay for such a general 'description' rather than choosing from already 'created' options....or creating their own. Sometimes the question of "can I sell this" needs to be "why would someone buy this".

    Forum rules prohibit linking to sites in posts so ideas/opinions are what you will get here.
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    Originally Posted by Hugo10 View Post

    The description of the idea, "the seed" that generates that image, could it be marketed?
    There are already several different AI programs available and many more in development. Each will have their own algorithm set-ups - and these will only become more sophisticated over time. So, I'd say any actual descriptions themselves are likely to have a short shelf-life.

    Maybe the service to offer would be a training in description methods - or a product that showed hundreds of cool images with the descriptions that were used to make them.

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    Thank you very much friends, for the time and dedication in each of your answers!

    So, is it a YES?
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    Originally Posted by Hugo10 View Post

    Can descriptive ideas (Prompt) be sold?
    Yes or no?

    ⚠️IMPORTANT: I am looking for a simple yes or no answer.
    Only way to answer a yes or no is to actually test it, to see if you make any sales.

    So here is a 3rd choice - "Maybe"

    Added - Just an FYI since you are new here, please check out the community guidelines when you get a chance.

    Welcome to the forum.

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