Sudden drop of impressions in search console only on homepage

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Hi, everyone

Need some help,

I had a sudden drop of impressions on my website and found out that it was only the homepage impressions that was the cause of the drop. I followed search console help troubleshooting ( to find that out.

The only change i made to the homepage that coincides with the start of the drop was the addition of a button on the homepage that linked to another page and i also added a facebook page plugin to the homepage.

I reverted those changes, but still not receiving the same amount of impressions as before. Would be great if someone can help.

Thank you.
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    First - if you read the forum rules you will note that all new threads are moderated and do not appear immediately.

    The second post and the second acct asking the same question have been deleted.

    Some members may have advice but no one here can predict what google will do. If (and I have no idea if it's the case) the additions you made were the cause of the impressions dropping it may take time for the page to recover. That's a wild guess....
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      Yes i did read, but it seemed to me like it was some problem with my submission or account, i didn't realized it was submitted, so i tried another account. No harm intended.

      The only thing i can think of is that the internal links report on search console show the homepage in a low position, there are other pages with more links linking to them. Or because i have added the facebook page plugin and it only has one follower.

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    Neither of the things you did would have affected its impressions (usually due to search rankings), so it's a coincidence as far as the timing goes - especially if it happened immediately.

    First of all, do you have the data on your rankings from the past and present for any search terms that led to the home page? Without that, you cannot specifically state that it is a drop in the rankings for key phrases.

    If you have that data and your rankings dropped, it's far more likely that other factors are in play here such as backlinks that Google has subsequently devalued or content that is not providing positive user experience signals.
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