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What would be the best Theme to use on an ecommerce store. I heard someone saying once that motion doesn't do the job like the rest but then again what exactly would the rest be.

I know there are quite a lot of things to consider if someone wants to jump into the ecommerce world but building a website with the right theme is beyond important.
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    The WooCommerce "StoreFront" theme - I believe to be the best theme. And the basic version is free.
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      I second StoreFront.

      Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

      The WooCommerce "StoreFront" theme - I believe to be the best theme. And the basic version is free.
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    Try Basel (

    This is one of my favorite ecom theme as it comes with in inbuilt Mobile footer menu like an app.. and an expandable Footer mega menu.. both of which can be very advantageous.

    Also it is one of the better selling ecom themes which has all the other necessary features to build a scalable business.
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    Envato Elements(link below) has some great themes or is a good tool if your looking for inspiration
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    I think Astra is the best theme for ecommerce website.
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    You would have to test to figure that one out .Your Theme lay out and color is going to make a difference as well .Identify what your brand represents and come up with a theme that suits your goals.
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    I'd have to say Flatsome, Avada, Upstream and Storefront for Woocommerce are some of the best!
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    OceanWP, hands down. It's not exactly popular among ecommerce sites but it does the job and is extremely easy to setup. I use it on my WooCommerce store and it was super simple for me to integrate since I use Cloudways and they have one click installation.
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    I know it's hard to choose a perfect theme from an entire ocean. And this is where a bigger problem appears. The word "best" means "I'll spend a ton of time just trying to choose the best theme ever, and then sales will come like never before, something like x10 or x25".

    If colors and design is what defines a good theme, then you won't get far.

    When thinking about websites, user experience comes first. That user experience is made up mostly of the copywriting on your text. Logical order | Easy to understand | Action words (Get My Toy, Get Instant Access, etc) | Emotions and desire.

    That's what drives sales on the digital side (websites, social media, ad campaign) outside of the product itself (better product => more customers).

    Just stick to a simple website and focus on things that have the most impact first. You can relate to this if you've heard of the 20 80 rule. In short, prioritize what makes most impact as the top of your todo list. When you're done with the top, you can now think about squeezing out that extra customers from a better theme.

    I hate ecommerce themes anyway. It often steals some control that can lead into a decline later. It's better to just hire a developer as early as possible, so you don't have to worry too much in the future.

    I know I haven't responded to your question, but I hope this might be helpful for someone.
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