How to use email marketing at the beggining of launching new site

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I am a designer and I just launched my website. I wanted to use email marketing to increase customers and increase traffic to my site. This is despite the fact that I do not have any customer email address. Is it possible that I can still use email marketing?


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    Of course you don't have a list until you build a list.... I suggest you read through some of the threads in the email marketing section of this forum. Design your site to have a 'signup' that will lead to your email series that starts the moment someone signs up.

    You can use your site and landing pages - you can offer a free email 'series' on site design or whatever you are good at. A good responsive list is built when visitors to your site or landing pages - sign up because they want to know 'more'....and those who have purchased your products.

    Yes, you can buy lists of emails but you are shooting in the dark. No one really 'signs up' for 'send me all the sales pages from all the internet marketers'.

    If you choose an autoresponder like AWeber or GetResponse and you pre-write a sequence of emails....when someone signs up on your contact form they are immediately (and automatically) sent a confirmation and then they receive emails from you at the time sequence you have decided on.

    Are there specific questions you have about the process?
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    You can still use email marketing, but you have to drive traffic to your website first. When they arrive at your site, you can present them with a landing page that has your opt-in email form on it, and inspire them to sign up. From there create messages within your autoresponder that automatically go out to your email subscribers, and focus on giving helpful content while suggesting your products at the same time. You can put this part of your business on autopilot with alot of messages in your autoresponder sequence, spaced out in different time intervals.
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    In order to use email marketing on a brand new site you will have to get traffic first.

    You need a plan for how to handle the traffic.

    One idea is to use Solo ads to drive traffic to your "squeeze page" that will collect the names and email of visitors to your site.

    Usually, you will have an incentive for visitors to subscribe to your email list, like a free ebook or newsletter that gives info they'd want to receive on a regular basis.

    Once you have the emails you can send them content that includes a link to your site and if you are giving them what they want they will click the links.

    The same goes for solo ads, you need a compelling offer that potential customers are interested in.

    Depending on the subject of your site it is most likely possible to use email marketing to drive traffic to your site.

    How effective email marketing is depends on your ability to write emails that compel potential customers to click your links and purchase your offers.

    The same applies to PPC ads, advertorials and even SEO.

    You must have good copywriting skills and drive the right traffic to your offer.
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          Originally Posted by ghernandez View Post

          That is absolutely true. That would save lots of time and with the right campaign and offer you could scale and make much more money.

          What a great idea.

          Is the service you use available to the public?

          Do you have somewhere that you tell more about how you are using the copywriters and what sort of offers you are using them to promote for you?
          I'm not allowed to talk about it here, apparently, ghernandes. It sounds 'pre-promotional' to the mod, so he/she removed that entire post. No worries though

          I'm not sure if the service is available to the public or not, sorry. A friend of mine referred me, and I'd have to ask him and haven't had time. Maybe he's an affiliate of theirs and gets commissions for referral? Not sure. OR he's already a frigging millionaire and can afford to keep them on his staff?! Not sure yet lol. I don't inquire into his finances lol

          No I don't have somewhere else where I tell more about it. I just know I'm pleased with their service even tho it cost me a few dubloons lol So you'll have to google and research on your own for now.

          I am using 3 MMO offers that I love to promote with them, they wrote excellent emails from the ones I've read that get sent to me and when i read them inside my autoresponder, and I just started with them in late Occtober this year, so I'm not even sure yet how they will create sales until the sequences get to about the 60-90 or 365-day mark! So Stay tuned...

          (but the screenshot thumbnail from a random page in my autoresponder i attached for Kay showed at least a %0.04% open rate so far on my 2300 subscriber list, better than 0%! )
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