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by jc9999
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There is a page ranking in google for a keyword. I want the result to be removed from showing up when searching for this keyword. I already contacted the webmaster and webmaster already removed the keyword from the page. I also tried this tool - https://search.google.com/search-con...ntent=removals

But it says the status is denied.

I want to ask, if the keyword is already removed from the page, will it eventually be removed from google search results as well later on? It's been many months already since it's showing and the keyword is removed for many months already.

Thanks a lot.
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    Not necessarily. I have plenty of keywords that show up as #1 in search results that I do not want to show up for, that are not on the pages (nothing even remotely resembling the phrase, in fact) and have NEVER had those keywords or related ones on the pages. Those keywords have been showing up as #1 for a decade.

    You are dealing with an algorithm that is imperfect. The only way I can think of that would eliminate the results is eliminating the page entirely. What MIGHT also work is changing the URL of the page and NOT doing a 301 re-direct.
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    No it takes time
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  • Be careful of what you let loose on the internet, it may come back to haunt you.

    Even if goggle removes it, what about the other search engines like

    Microsoft Bing

    but to name a few where that page is still ranking #1 for those keywords. May take more than a decade for google to remove, so even if you did a google scrub your content may still be found elsewhere on the internet
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