Does anyone have experience with Ebook PDF submissions for organic traffic ?

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I am not referring to the Off page SEO link building. I am reffering to getting as many pdf downloads as possible. Note that the pdf is used with affiliate links in it.
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    Where are you 'submitting' your ebook? In part it depends on whether the platform you are using allows links - but assume you've checked that part already.

    To get 'as many downloads as possible' you MUST have traffic - and you asked elsewhere how to get 'free traffic'. It's not magic - you need a way to get people to SEE your links before they can click them.

    Building an email list - with signup pages.....SEO aimed at getting traffic to your site/download (do you have a site or a blog? You don't say if you do or not). Having a link online without promoting the link is not a workable plan.

    Maybe if you give more information you'll have better answers.
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