Sudden Drop in Organic Clicks and Impressions

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Hi, I am working on a service based website.

In last month (December 2022) there was a slight drop in Organic Sessions, Clicks and Impressions, whereas my Ranking was improved.

In the current month (January 2023), I have seen a huge drop (a very very very huge drop) in Organic Clicks and Impressions, whereas my Rankings, Sessions, Users, New Users have improved.

When analysed, I saw a huge drop in the home page, and the search volume for Brand Keywords went down. I am assuming this can be a reason for drop in organic clicks and impressions, but this huge drop is very concerning.

Request all the SEO Experts to share their opinion and steps for further analysis. Please do share suggestions on how to improve my clicks and impressions.
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    Hello, how are you both doing?

    I know organic marketing is great, but that to me is one of the issues of it as you can go up and down in the serps. I rather have a targeted audience that is looking for something in different businesses and when they click you know already they have a interest in what you are promoting. It doesn't mean they will like your offer, but they are looking for something in that Niche. And, after that it still depends if they will be interested if you get them thru a squeeze page then the follow up is what's so important meaning the emails that you sent them to create enough interest for them to buy. It's a numbers game....... Hope that helps!
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