redirecting from a domain to an URL that I do not own?

by v tran
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Hi, I am a complete noob and this is not regarding building a website or SEO or anything like that and I am just hoping for a pointer. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I just can't seem to find the answer that I am looking for from the hosting company or DNS server. I bought a domain through zoho (so that I can have an email address at my own domain). The DNS server is OpenSrs. I now want to redirect visitor who goes to that domain's url to another website that I do not own.

From my research, I think this is possible through cloudfare. It looks like I need to delete some existing CNAME record from my domain before I add a CNAME to the website that I want to redirect to. However, I am not sure if doing so would stop me from receiving and sending emails from my domain. Below is my screenshot from cloudfare. Can someone let me know if I am moving in the right direction before I start messing up my domain? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Screenshot is not available. And do not worry about deleting the CNAME if people are not visiting the site now. You can always put it back.

    DNS forwarding should be possible. Will depend on provider, looks like through ZOHO you will need to use Cloudflare. Google Domains or other providers make it much, much easier.
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      thank you so much. Sorry I don't know if the screenshot would show or not. I'll try again

      If the screenshot doesn't show, then this is what I see in Cloudfare, I need to create a CNAME record that points from my root domain to the URL that I want to forward too. However, it looks like I cannot add another CNAME if I will need to delete either one or all of my CNAME (and maybe even my A record). This is what I have at the moment:
      Type Name Content
      A some ip address
      CNAME mail
      CNAME www

      I don't know if deleting any of these will affect sending and receiving my email address at my current domain. Please help me further. thank you so much!

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        Deleting these should not. MX is what defines email servers.

        Do not delete mail, just CNAME for www. A points to DNS servers,

        You can point to a different one with this.
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    Hello, how is everyone doing?

    Yes, shouldn't DNS forward be able to be done in this example? I am thinking yes, it's just a matter of doing the forwarding of it as I have used DNS before to forward a url.....
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    another way is to redirect with the help of html tags or you can go to cpanel and find the option redirect
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