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Hello, I'm Brazilian and would like to know how to start in the digital market, I'm new to the subject and would like to understand which direction I should go, what to study, etc.
I am translating everything that is said here and I have already learned a lot. I would like to thank you for that, thank you!!!
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    its hard to really help you with such a broad question. I would say you can simply read some popular threads from this forum here to get a bit more clarity.

    You can do everything you want online. What is it you are interested in? Do you like to sell products, do you have a niche that interests you? What is your goal? etc...
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    What you should do is start a blog and build a community to build awareness and establish trust .
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    You should consider affiliate marketing, it's easy enough to start with zero or low cost.

    Here are some places where you can do niche research.

    - Amazon.com
    - Dummies.com
    - Clickbank.com
    - Magazines.com

    Use this list of profitable niches below to help you brainstorm ideas.

    If you dig deeper, you can even find specific niches that are sub-niches of the main niche.

    In the Sports niche, try...

    - Basketball
    - Golf
    - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    - Mountain Biking
    - Skateboarding
    - Surfing
    - Paintball
    - Shooting (guns)
    - Fishing
    - Hunting
    - Wrestling
    - Yoga
    - Tennis
    - Scuba Diving
    - Bodybuilding

    In the hobby niche, try...

    - Preparedness (survival)
    - Quilting
    - Sewing
    - Crochet
    - RC Cars
    - Guitars (learn to play)
    - Photoshop
    - Woodworking
    - Dog training

    If you're into health and fitness, try...

    - Vegan diet
    - Paleo diet
    - Juicing diets

    And of course marketing and business, try

    - Affiliate marketing

    These will help you to get started.
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  • It's hard but you should keep going and keep learning , by leveraging the free resources on the internet you can get some deep insights about digital marketing. There are lot of free resources in online out there, it's only matter if you are willing for.
    And make sure to follow the famous persons in digital Marketing in every social media.
    follow their content daily and learn from it.
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