Am I charging too much for my 3 year old domain?

by holly8
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Hi, this domain has the word faucet in it's name and I'm charging $150 because it's value is $550 at godaddy. Im not getting buyers. I sold two domains days ago that were $5 each and they had faucet and exchange in their names. They were also 3 years old. I sold them cheap because no one wanted to pay $25 for each domain. The domain im selling now was a faucet site that I closed today. It had almost 3k users but I only made a few dollars total from that site. For years I try to make money with my sites but it didnt work. My traffic arent interested in buying anything like ad spaces or products from my affiliate links. The types of money making sites I had were faucet, ptc, shortlink and GPT. I dont want to own domains/sites anymore.
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    It sounds like you've had a challenging time trying to make money from your websites. There are a few things to consider when trying to sell a domain:

    Market demand: The market for faucet and exchange-related domains may not be strong, as those types of sites may not be as popular as other niches.

    Competition: There may be many similar domains available for sale, making it difficult to sell yours at a higher price.

    Age of domain: The age of your domain may also be a factor in its value, as older domains are generally considered more valuable.

    If you're having difficulty selling your domain, you may need to adjust your asking price or consider alternative sales channels, such as online marketplaces for domains or reaching out to potential buyers directly. You could also try promoting your domain on social media or through online advertising to reach a wider audience.

    Ultimately, if you're not finding success with your websites, it may be time to move on and focus on other ways to make money. The important thing is to find a method that works for you and to be persistent in pursuing your goals.

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    The price people will pay for a domain is what they are worth - not some random assessment made by GoDaddy.

    Frankly, unless the domain (and pages) ranks well for decent search terms, it isn't worth any more than a brand new domain name (with or without the word "faucet" in it) since Google does not use the domain name as part of its search algorithm ranking factors.

    Of course, if the website has a good amount of traffic, it may be worth more, sold as a website. Total users doesn't tell people anything; though, what matters is visitors per day/month - especially if they are to pages that have decent buying intent. And, of course, what search terms are driving that traffic (if organic).

    In other words, a domain is just a name and worth nothing. The metrics are what makes a domain worth more.
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    Thanks Grace and Dave. I learn new things. I'll decrease my price.

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