SEO - Why branded websites without Structured Data presents Rich Snipped on search results?

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I'm new here and gladfull to be in touch with a lot professionals.
I'm studing a lot about SEO and how to improve the search results, so let's talk about structured data (schema. org).
There are a lot of large branded websites that presents a rich snippets on SERP, but when these websites got tested by ( or ( they haven't any structured data.

Can anyone help me understand this?
Thanks in advance!
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      Thanks for the answer.
      This brings a new question to the table:
      - I am analyzing a website without (declared) structured data, but with a rich snippet.

      I have a question: should I add the structured data?
      The idea would be to prioritize some information, but understanding that the crawler already recognizes the main search topics, it might be better to leave them as they are.
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        I will recommend you to use structured date in your website for the better understading of your targeted strings for where you want to rank.
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          I agree with you. I will add the same structured data and add new infos.
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        There is no harm in adding the schema markup for your website. The website that you have scrapped may already build authority over the SERP and between the customers. That's why it's showing a rich snippet. Still, for more clearance for the crawler, you should add structure data.
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          It makes sense. I will use the same structured data already indexed and add new points.
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      Thanks for replying.
      This information about the second and third results are new for me.
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    Search engines can use other sources of information, such as page content and metadata, to determine what information to display in the search results.

    Search engines may have a certain level of confidence in the brand and the information on their website, which can allow them to display rich snippets without the need for structured data.

    Search engines may use techniques such as entity recognition to understand the content on a page and automatically generate rich snippets for certain types of content, even if it is not marked up with structured data.

    It's important to note that while search engines may be able to generate rich snippets for a website without structured data, it's generally recommended to use structured data to explicitly provide information to search engines and ensure that the information displayed in the search results is accurate and consistent.
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      In this case I think we have an oportunitty to update the "natural" rich snippet considering the search engine "credit", and apply the structured data layer adding more information.

      Thanks for replying!
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  • Branded websites without structured data may not present rich snippets on search results for a few reasons:

    Unstructured Data: Rich snippets are generated by structured data that is added to the HTML code of a website. Without structured data, search engines do not have enough information to display rich snippets.

    Inconsistent Data: Even if a website has structured data, if the data is inconsistent or does not follow guidelines, search engines may not display rich snippets.

    Technical Issues: Technical issues with a website, such as incorrect structured data implementation, can also prevent rich snippets from appearing in search results.

    Content Quality: The quality of the content on a website is also a factor in whether rich snippets will be displayed. If the content is not relevant, valuable, or trustworthy, search engines may choose not to display rich snippets.
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      Hello there, no doubt about the importance of structured data.
      Really thanks for your reply, now I understood the details.
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  • I would strongly suggest for snippets for serp results, it will be more specific in the search results
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