Dramatic Traffic Drop...Please Help!

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Since August 2022, my website traffic has dramatically dropped. First suddenly, then slowly down and down. I used to get between 1.5-2K visitors per month. Now I get around 200 per month and getting smaller. I have done absolutely everything I can to fix any errors, which there weren't much before. Something dramatic has happened to my site or about my site that has caused this.

The only dramatic thing that has happened to it from my end is that in April 2022, a developer broke my gallery and blog pages for 2 weeks until I discovered it. 2 weeks after that, I had very little traffic and very little calls to the business. But after restoring the pages with exact URLs, traffic went back up again to about the same place to prior the incident. I also did some cosmetic changes in October, no text changes, no coding changes. Other than that, I have changed nothing much on the website.

Please help!
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