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Hello, I want to market Clickbank products through Facebook ads. The problem is that I cannot choose a conversion campaign type because I do not have the authority to place the pixel on the product page I will be promoting, as you know. On the other hand, some friends advised me not to choose the "traffic" objective because visitors may not be interested in buying. I need to know which campaign objective to choose that will be effective
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    I suggest that you try to share the other products that in the other affiliate platform to the facebook,such as the product in this platform:.In this platform, you can generate your exclusive link and put the link into your facebook
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    First of all, I would not advertise any Clickbank offers with FB ads unless the commissions are REALLY high! You would most likely end up losing money on every sale. You would have to figure out how much each click costs you and multiply that by the number of clicks it takes to make ONE sale. You might be shocked at the result.

    The only thing I would use paid advertising for would be for an email marketing campaign where you can continue to market products to the same people over and over again, because people who have bought from you once would be more likely to buy from you again.

    Would you have any way of keeping in contact with people who bought a Clickbank product from an ad? If not, then you're wasting both time and money!

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  • I would go with the "conversions" objective if your take-home earned commission per sale is high. You can generate a lead and follow up via email with them. But this isn't recommended if you're selling a low-ticket item, as your ad cost will easily gobble any sales you make.
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    You have to be careful with Clickbank and Facebook ads. What are you promoting? For instance, Facebook is strict when it comes to promoting weight loss offers. No before/after photos, no industry phrases (eg "Melt fat fast")

    Also, I recently read that Facebook doesn't allow the sale of digital products (eg pdfs). Make sure your product isn't a digital product.

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