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I want to make a site to make money from, I don't know what to choose as a theme for this site. Should I design a website with monthly subscriptions? If this decision is appropriate, what do I choose to convince people to sign up and pay the money?
Do you have other suggestions for ideas that I can display on the site to earn money from?
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    This forum has been online over 20 years discussing internet marketing/making money online.

    You sound as if you are ready to jump in - without a plan. What are you selling? What experience to you have? What is your budget? What is your time frame?
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    At first find out what do you want by website please at first gather knowledge about marketing after that you start your project cause marketing without you can't achive anything else
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    You need to have an initial plan for what you want to sell before you can figure out how to sell it and who your target audience is. Make a plan first and then you can ask more specific questions and get more specific answers.
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    First of all it's not about convincing people . Second of all you are focusing on the money instead of the solution . Third of all test different themes and get feed back from your target audience

    Building measuring and learning is crucial in building a business a website or anything else . The public will definitely give you feed back .
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    Ask a broad question - then leave a few minutes later. Happens here quite often and it's hard to get help if you don't hang around long enough to read replies.

    However, for anyone WANTING to get started online.....the thread below is a good place to begin...
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
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  • Seems like you don't know much about selling anything online.

    Instead of jumping in and creating a site from scratch that you have to drive traffic to, why not start on a site like Ebay, Mercari, or Amazon where the traffic is provided for you, and people are looking to buy things?
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    A monthly subscription can certainly be a good choice, but it's important to choose a theme that people are willing to pay for. Consider researching popular niches or topics that people are passionate about and would be willing to pay for exclusive access to content or related services.
    Other ideas for monetizing your site include affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products or digital downloads, or offering consulting or coaching services.
    Before deciding on a specific strategy, it is important to conduct market research and identify your target audience to ensure that your site meets their needs and interests.

    But it is important that you still write a plan for yourself and choose a topic in which you are knowledgeable. I hope that the main goal is not so much as earning money, but satisfaction from one's work from the result, the desire for development.
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    You can write reviews on your website related to product and add affiliate links or ads on your website to earn money.
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    First decide on a niche and then we'll talk further but you are already gone anyway so good luck I guess haha
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    Well firstly you must do your research and learn and decide what you will sell on your website as they are diferent methods
    After that you can come with a more soecific question and we will be able to help you

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