What should be the link building strategy for a new site?

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I'm new to SEO, and I have a few questions. I understand that the best backlinks are the ones you earn naturally. However, for a new site that has none of its pages in the top 10 of Google results and is almost receiving no traffic at all, it's unlikely to get any natural backlinks. It doesn't matter how good and useful the content is if no one is visiting the site. What should be their link-building strategy, and what type of links should they aim for?
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    You might want to read this thread that was posted in the SEO section of the forum. The Original Poster back then was asking a similar question. https://www.warriorforum.com/search-...-new-site.html

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    When people decide to link to a page of your website, they don't first check to see how many other websites are doing that. What they actually do is visit the page to see if the information is useful to their site visitors. If it is, they might link to your page.

    In other words, it doesn't matter how new a site is or how many backlinks it has. The only thing that matters when building links is how useful the page is to the site you are requesting a link from.
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    You're absolutely right that earning natural backlinks can be challenging for a new website with minimal traffic and visibility. In such cases, a strategic approach to link building is essential to kickstart your SEO efforts. First, you have to do on-page optimization, which includes optimizing your site structure, meta tags, content, and images for relevant keywords. Then make high-quality content and then identify relevant keywords for your niche and target them in your content. Then share your content on social media platforms, do guest posting, and analyze your competitor's backlink profiles to identify potential link opportunities. You can use tools like Ahrefs or Moz with this research.
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      What will be some great tips for guest posting?
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        I am sorry for the late reply. You must choose reputable sites for guest posting. Understand the target audience of the site you want to guest post on. Tailor your content to their interests and needs to make it more engaging and relevant. Also, read the guidelines carefully of the site where you will do guest posting(as failure to do so can result in your submission being rejected.) Choose unique ideas that haven't been covered extensively on the site and write high-quality content and include a few relevant and non-promotional links to your own content, but make sure they add value to the reader. Follow the site's linking guidelines. Also add relevant images, infographics, or videos to enhance the visual appeal of your guest post. Share your guest post on your own social media channels and email newsletter to maximize its reach. This benefits both you and the host site.
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    Friend,first a lot answers here , and a lot in blogs, youtube and other places . Maybe you can try courses .
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    New site not rank on google and challenging for natural backlinks. First of all pages indexing with GSC(Google search Console) & Create sitemap.xml then you work on on-page SEO.
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    yeah for link building you can outreach your competitors by doing also competitor's backlink analysis and in same way you can get backlinks from those sites owner by outreaching them, furthermore, you can also try to get more natural backlinks by getting HARO backlinks. The forum links also have a great role in ranking sites, if you can do so!
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  • how many backlinks does it have
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    When I was starting, I focused a lot on guest posting. It allowed me to create content for other related blogs/sites in my niche, and in return, I got a backlink.

    Some link-building agencies might help you with creating new links. You just have to choose one that will make high-quality links to avoid Google penalties.

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    Most of our organic backlinks have been earned though guest posting and putting buttons to easily share content above the folder. Otherwise, being a new domain means you can buy lower DA links pretty cheap, and that can get you moving early on. Just make sure their are reputable.
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    Natural backlinks is most powerful for google.
    You can do blog posting, social media marketing, etc... But slow build and white hat.
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    Check forum better a lot answers here Main thing in SEO is content .
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    As others have said, you need to have top-notch content to start with. But if you want to build links in an outbound manner (rather than inbound, i.e. letting them happen organically), you'll need to interface with other people (and websites) in your space. Depending on the space, that might mean interacting on social media, contributing to virtual events, and so on. The more aware your space is of your website, and the more you've engaged people in conversation, the easier it is to *go back* to them and say, hey, I just published this blog post--do you think it would make sense to link to it from X page on your website?

    Hope that's helpful. Cheers!
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