How do i know which social platform is the best to get targeted audience

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I have a digital product business and the target country is the USA in this case which social platform is the best-performing form of my business and how do I measure this? Please suggest free tools or anything else.
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    Tbe best way to measure Is to post content and check tbe data

    There is no other way for me to guage your progress is to analyze your page .
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    I think we would need more information to answer. A few questions come to mind:
    • Is this a B2B or B2C digital product?
      If B2C, is it associated with a subculture or "niche" of the internet?
      If B2C, how old is your target audience?
      If B2B, is your audience on LinkedIn?

    If you can provide more info, we may be able to help.
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    Ganderson is right, we need more info to answer this in the best way.

    Apart from that it also depends on yourself, because the truth is you could make almost any social platform successful if you stay consistent.

    So ask yourself these questions, where do your potential customers hang out most of their time and where can I personally perform best?

    It doesn't make sense when you choose tiktok for example just because your audience is there but if you hate to make videos.
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    I would suggest MetaFox which is an ideal social platform for selling digital products online. It supports the Marketplace feature where you can sell digital stuff, and also a list of social features for engaging target audiences like live streaming, stories.. It's not free you'll have to subscribe starting from $74/ month. But believe me it is worth what you paid for.
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    Keep accurate notes of your marketing efforts and see which platforms yield the most sales.
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    Unless its very b2b we dont need to know and even with that... the answer is they ALL are capable... but if you are in the b2b arena you would want to add linkedIn.

    How to measure... the easy way... its to create an offer and have a separate lander for each social for each offer. you would be able to see the traffic flow to each page using Google Analytics.

    So you have an offer for say 10% off a pair of shoes... you post on FaceBook, and point to a page specifically for FaceBook Traffic... same post on say Insta... and the same landing page duplicated and used specifically for Insta... and YouTube, and X and where ever else you might post.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    The Ultimate way to know which social platform is best for helping you to make a growth in your business is firstly to check which social platform is mostly used in your target location. Then check whether that social p[platform allows for promoting business directly or not. Its that simple.
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    look at three main factors: your target audience, the type of content you plan to share, and the goals you have for social media.
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