4 link building tips for newbies

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Link building can be quite brutal, particular for n00bs who are just getting started. Nevertheless, we've got 5 tips for beginners like you.

Write valuable, relevant, and shareable content.
I'd like to emphasize on valuable and relevant content. A lot of beginners post content which are just completely irrelevant. This will drive your readers away. Avoid this.

Share on social media
It's obvious, right? After all, we spend pretty much almost the entire day on social media so share on all your socmed platforns.

Collaborate with influencers
Where possible, partner with the right influencers in your industry to gain exposure.

Engage in community forums
Engage with the members here on WF. Everyone here has valuable insights you can leverage to build your brand/business. Just make sure to read the rules before posting to avoid getting banned.

Chime in.
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    Great powerful tips for those just starting out. If you can master these tips then success is on your way. Thanks for sharing.
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    Google's algorithms now consider the context and relevance of the links. Links embedded within valuable, informative content that genuinely adds to the user experience are given more weight than links in unrelated or spammy content.
    Your tips are genuine! Thanks
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    Yes collaborating sharing relevant valuable content and community engagement are important .

    Thanks for re in forcing .
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    Great short guide. I need to do more connecting with influencers. Starting a podcast could activate this.
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    Try to link pages as well. Not just Home page/Domain. So that link juice could flow all the way down.
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    I think great content and internal linking also work best in today's time after some algo updates by google.
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    Thanks for sharing helpful feedback. I have also some best types of backlinks that can help out newbie like guest post, forum, Skyscraping and hero technique. Best of luck
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    I believe the first step is to find websites that do well for your goal keywords and look at the linking profiles of those sites. This will help you determine what websites and materials are getting links in your area.
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    Commenting on blogs similar to yours can be another way to build backlinks. Make sure they allow links back to your site.

    John Topping, Web Design, Bribie Island

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  • Profile picture of the author drmani
    Here's a tip that worked nicely for me over the years.

    Get links also from sites that seem "too small to matter" today. As they grow and mature, some of these links will grow extremely powerful - and bring in a lot more traffic than you could imagine.

    If I could turn the clock back, I'd have done this more actively than I did 20 years ago
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