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    Try Something NEW!!

    Just to let you know, I quit my "day" job 3 yrs this coming March. I had my "last straw" and my boss "opened the door for me to leave" (but that's another story)
    I was a bit worried about walking out on a $36,000 yr job, but my husband (self employed IM) supported my decision.
    I started working w/him, and the first year, we made more than enough to cover my prior salary!
    Long story short, we are doing well enough that I have started "playing" on getting my own business started. I love photography and have opened several channel to get it rolling. (started on stock photo sites 3 yrs ago, but that is just peanuts now.)
    One thing I have learned, the more you love what you do, the easier it becomes to "build" your business.
    Just hang in there!
    Posted 22nd February 2009 at 03:38 PM by carolwingert carolwingert is offline
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    Try Something NEW!!

    Hey, from one busy lady to another, your story made me laugh a bit. I remember the days when I was working full time, had a traveling husband and three youg children. YIKES life was out of control. We still are both working full time. I am a money manager and financial planner and my husband is still in sales and travelling. We have however found somthing that we really believe will change our lifestyle in the next twelve months. We only have the time to put 1-2 hours a day into the business and we started knowing NOTHING about advertising or the internet. The entry fee is really reasonable and we made all our money back in just two months. Give this opportunity a serious look. What we were not looking for but are really enjoying is training program and th e incredible community support. It is so much fun!! Give this some serious thought and let me know if you want to talk about it further. We looked at several other opportunities and are so happy we went with this one. If we can do this so can you!!
    Posted 22nd February 2009 at 11:10 AM by kaklein kaklein is offline

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