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    Greg D's Avatar

    A Warrior Disaster Plan

    Thank you for the awesome post. I think you should put together a pdf, some videos and maybe a plugina nd you would have an AMAZING WSO on your hands.

    Posted 17th November 2010 at 08:26 PM by Greg D Greg D is offline
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    onlineleben's Avatar

    A Warrior Disaster Plan

    Thanks for this insightful post - I know it is a hassle to remember all the different passwords and make them long enough to be (nearly)unbrakable. Always have a terrible time to convince my better half of coming up with funny, easy to remember two word combinations instead of those that you warned of.
    Regarding backups, I always do a full download of my sites to the Pc at home and then also save on CD-ROM. I started using USB sticks (one stick per site - one purpose (backup) only) but it is difficult to file them. All of a sudden you have a box full of sticks and somehow one (the important one ou need right now!) is missing. On CD-ROM you can also write with a marker pen and usually you have enough space to save thousands of html pages, scripts and logfiles.
    Disaster Recovery is also an important point. To have a decent plan in place is a number one necessity when you run your sites as a bussiness. I once had to fully restore my site Orchid Care - Orchid Growing - Tom's Orchid Flowers Help when I tried to install a funny script. Just opening my desk drwaer and pulling out the CD-ROM and sending everything back onto the server took me 10 minutes.
    Posted 19th October 2009 at 06:32 AM by onlineleben onlineleben is offline
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