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Your neighbours will point at you and say 'He was a Warrior, look how wonderful his life is'

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Posted 15th June 2009 at 03:21 PM by a1journo

Today, I'm going to write a bit of a lesson from my husband - in 23 years of sales he's risen to the top of his game and has now been fielded to write a book about his success.

Yesterday, I was doing some proofing for him and as I was reading, I realised that what he was saying was completely relevant to being an affiliate marketer, but its something which so many people just blatantly miss.

Don't Give Your Customer the Opportunity to Say No.

It's human nature to say no. We're bombarded with sales pitches every where we turn, even in our homes via TV and magazines - and so we develop an automatic instant to say no before we've even considered that it might be a yes.

And this isn't a lesson in open and closed sentences - its a lesson into how to get a yes.

Imagine you were selling a truck to Joe. Joe has been driving round in his 1964 Mack forever and a day, it's never missed a beat and he certainly isn't looking to buy one of those modern electronic ones that are always breaking down.

So, if you open with "Considering a new truck, Joe?" his response would automatically be "no".

So you need to make sure that you don't give Joe the opportunity to even begin thinking 'no'. You want his mind to be in a positive state. So instead you say something like this:

"Hey Joe, how would you like to be carrying more gravel this month?"

Joe is certainly going to say yes, he gets paid by the tonne, and he'd love to get paid more - so now he's intrigued about HOW he can get paid more.

By simply changing the situation, you've got Joe's attention, he's in a positive frame because he's thinking of how he's gonna spend the extra money he'll be earning, and you've turned an instant No into a yes.

Think about this next time you're constructing a sales letter, a pre-sale or any other pitch - you'll be amazed at the results.
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