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3 Reasons to Build Google+ Followers

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Posted 26th June 2012 at 09:02 AM by addykho

First it was MySpace, later came Facebook and now it is Google+. Social Networks have their period to play their role. Though Facebook is no less, Google+ has significant importance. Google+ has several benefits that other social networks lack. Moreover, the number of Google+ users has increased considerably in the past one year.

There are numerous reasons to build followers list around Google+. However, I shall emphasize on 3 of the most crucial reasons to use Google+.

Building Followers like Mail lists:
G+ (Google+) has the ability to segregate your followers. For instance, you have 24k followers. Out of that, 12k are related to your marketing site while 5k are and 7k are related to personal blog and forex site respectively. Suppose you wish to post status related to your marketing site. Just segregate your 12k marketing followers under any category of your own. Yes, you can customize the category. Similarly, the personal blog and forex site followers can be categorized. Such categorization is helpful in ensuring that your followers receive the status update related to their interest. Moreover, all your followers stay intact in one network.

If a need arises to send message to all your followers irrespective of their interests then just post the status as pubic. This is just like creating a mailing list, which no other social network provides at present.

Conducting webinar (Hangout);
Today, webinar has become synonymous with marketing. Webinar provides value and can boost sales to sky high. Interestingly G+ provides the facility to conduct webinars. However, at G+ it is known as Hangouts. Through Hangouts, interaction with your followers in real time is possible.

Let us consider you run a blog, which provides advice on blogging. After two years of expertise, you write a book. So how are you going to promote it? Either run PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for promotion or conduct a webinar. Of course, for webinar you will be providing real blogging strategies. Finally, at the end just 30 seconds of your book’s promotion will suffice and do the trick.

Note: Luring followers or others to your Webinars is easy. Tell them you are providing some genuine strategies or advice free. However, ensure to plan well before for the news of your Webinar to spread.

Google’s personalization:
Google rolled its personalization two months ago. Personalization allows users to view web pages created by people with whom they are related. For instance, if Selena is searching for Beauty tips and Samantha had written on the topic (provided they are within each other’s circle in G+) then Samantha’s web pages will be shown first to Selena.

Here is the catch for marketers. Assume you are running a niche site within health. After accruing large number of followers through Google+ you start another niche within finance. Now suppose your health related followers search on finance topic your web pages will be shown to them. That is the beauty of G+. Apart from increasing your traffic through search engine for health related niche, the finance niche also benefits without any further investment in terms of time, money, or work.
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  1. New Comment
    These are great points, I never thought about G+ like this before. Thanks for giving such interesting and helpful content in your blog. I have subscribed and look forward to your next one!
    Posted 5th December 2012 at 03:03 PM by D8MM3 D8MM3 is offline
  2. New Comment
    Pradeep Bhagwat's Avatar

    It is great information!

    It is great information. Someone might have soldl it as a WSO. Thanks for sharing.

    - Pradeep
    Posted 7th December 2012 at 12:43 PM by Pradeep Bhagwat Pradeep Bhagwat is offline

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