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Anthony Morrison Teaches You How to Use Mobile Apps to Connect to Your Online Business

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Posted 27th March 2013 at 11:33 AM by adrianmorrison1

Just imagine, you need to show your last tax receipt urgently to the state authorities, they asked you to mail it within two to three hours. But, unfortunately you do neither have hardcopy nor softcopy of the slip to show. You are surely going to get in trouble. Thanks to our mobile phones, these nightmares are no longer going to haunt you. Mobile apps are a modern way to tackle your needs and demands of your business.

According to Dean Graziosi, today entrepreneurs are so busy that they cannot stay stuck to their laptop or desktop all the time. They have to answer phone calls, they have to share documents and connect to their target customers as well as clients at any time of the day. What a blessing! Now you can answer your emails lying in your bed. A new entrepreneur can arrange and organize all his tasks on mobile phone. For this purpose, one must understand proper use of mobile apps.
Anthony Morrison is a successful entrepreneur. He is managing more than twenty online companies. Today he is a millionaire, a successful author and manages multiple tasks at a time. Anthony has written books and designed courses.
In these books and courses, he shares different ways of tackling with multiple tasks at a time. He is a successful internet marketer as well. Anthony Morrison is a millionaire who knows how to move with modern world.

Anthony emphasizes use of modern devices and inventions for better living and better earning. According to him, it is very necessary to have all essentials handy. Let us have a look on mobile apps that can help us manage and tackle our work more effectively.


It is an easy to use and approachable way to organize and use your documents. Dropbox is quickly becoming more and more popular among people belonging to different genres of life. With the help of dropbox, you can use your documents anywhere. It does not restrict use of the documents to your desktop or laptop. It is one of the best example of cloud computing.

Your documents are kept in great privacy and you can access them anywhere and at any time.

An excellent tool for those who forget to make a follow up plan for their important tasks. It is a free app and comes with a to-do list. Smart List option gives you convenience of hiding tasks that are not urgent. With the help of Smart List, you can also control privacy settings, share what you want otherwise hide the contents. This app is an excellent way to organize your day to day activity.


An excellent tool, that will help keep all your legal and important documents at a place from where you can easily reach them. You can use Expensify in synchronization with Quickbooks. Take a snap of your document, receipt etc and keep it in sync with your expenses or important task. You can share it, view it or email the document at any time you want.

Google Drive:

Another important app to keep your documents easily approachable and organized. With the help of Google drive, you can share your documents, graphs, instructions, images etc.


It keeps record of what you want to read in future. How many times does this happen, we see a valuable post on Facebook or any other website while browsing on our mobile phone. But later, at the end of the day we simply can't track the article, blog post or video. It is lost in the myriad of hundreds and thousands of posts updated every second. Here Evernote will help you save the post, to be read later at any other time.

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