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Simple Offline Business Automation Secrets – Part 1

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Posted 23rd December 2010 at 12:15 PM by afarrell1

Hello and welcome...

I have put together a report on how to offer local businesses simple automation for their business websites. I wrote this some time ago and posted it to another blog of mine. You may be doing something similar to this already. However, not enough people are doing it. So maybe you should give it a go.

So starting today I decided to give you this report over a few posts over the next week or two, in between other posts I make.

There are 5 parts to this report. And some of those parts are broken down into smaller more digestable nuggets of info.

So anyways, moving on...

This report eill reveal how to put your internet marketing skills to good use, by helping local businesses. This will be a 5-part series commencing right now that’ll go out daily for the next five days. So enjoy…

Right now, you might be saying that you don’t have any skills to offer local business owners. Maybe you’re thinking that because either…

You don’t have any of those skills right now

* Or you have some of those skills, but have never succeeded online

* Or you have those skills, but only ever managed to make a few dollars

Okay… if you don’t have the skills right now, then just learn them. And for this particular method it requires very little knowledge to do this. For anyone else on any other skill level, then YES you do have what it takes to do this.

What is this method?

This is about helping businesses, with existing websites, just change one thing to help convert visitors into subscribers… and eventually into buyers. It’s something so obvious that nearly every internet marketer, or potential internet marketer, takes it for granted. It’s so much part of your normal everyday marketing life that you don’t even realize that most local businesses owners don’t even know it exists.

And when you reveal this system to them, and they implement it (or should I say… when you put it in place for them), they are going to love you for it. And all it takes is no more than 60 minutes to put this in place. Or if you’re used to this, then maybe twenty to thirty minutes.

The system is all about automation. Not automating their entire business. But automating the main page of thier website…


That’s it. You’ll be setting up an autoresponder for local busness owners, creating the web form for their site and placing that form on their site. And for this you get to collect a nice pay check.

It’s super simple for you, but not so simple for most local business owners. If they were to attempt this, they would have a learning curve to go through. The thing is…

Most business owners DON’T have that time. They’re too busy trying to run a business to be bothered with learning something that seems so foreigh to them. And that’s where you come in… they need you! They need you skills to get this going for them so that they can just get on with their business.

So how much can you make from doing this super simple business?

Well, that depends on you. See, the problem most folks have is confidence. Or more precisely, a lack thereof. Some people have great confidence and aren’t afraid to ask for a high price. Others feel like that if they charge too much they might just not clinch the deal and that the business owner will go to the competition for a cheaper service.

Here’s a fact folks…

Most business owners don’t even know where to look when it comes to autoresponders. Heck, they most likely don’t even know what an autoresponder is.
So straight away, you can put that “they might go to their competitors” crap to bed.
Also, the business owner doesn’t have a clue as to what is or isn’t a good and fair price.

How could they? They have nothing to compare it to. So price is not an issue here.

Charge them what you feel is fair. If you feel that $97 is fair for this, then great… get to it. However, please note that this is very cheap. I reckon a price of maybe $250, or thereabouts would be pretty fair and even at that, quite cheap. There are folks doing this right now and some are charging $497… just for something as simple as this.

With that said, go with your comfort level. If you do start low, and you get to do a few, you’ll find that it gets easier. With that, you can always raise your prices.

Okay… enough chat. Let’s get down to business now…

The Method:
You will need to find local business owners that already have a website, but they have no optin form on their sites. Then you’ll have to contact them. Then sell the simple system to them. Once agreed, your job is to set up their system for them. And you done!

I'll give you the next part of this in the next few days, in between other posts I'll be making.

Meanwhile, merry Christmas to all

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