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Simple Offline Business Automation Secrets - Part 2

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Posted 31st December 2010 at 05:54 AM by afarrell1

A few days ago I introduced the simple business automation secrets. Today let's go into...

The Breakdown Of Helping Local Businesses Automate Their Websites!

Step #1:
Get your local telephone book and locate businesses with websites. Take note of their details so that you can check their sites on the internet. Aim to get up to 50 (or more if you like) contact details.

Step #2:
Now open your internet browser and begin looking through each site, one by one. From this, just delete any sites that have an optin form of some kind. They’re no use to use right now.

For websites without an optin form, just get more details (if you haven’t done so already from the phone book). Just take their contact names (if available) and email addresses… or contact form URL if there is no email address. These are the sites that you’ll make your income from. Rinse and repeat until you’ve exhausted that list.

Step #3:
Take a break for a few minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and think about someting else to take a mental break from this.

Step #4:
Now you have two options here. You can send the business owner an email or you can send them a letter.

With the email, there’s less likelihood of them opening it. You might have to send a hundred or so emails to get just two or three people to respond back to you.
With the letter, it’s more personal. There’s more likelihood of getting responses from this than email. But nothing is guaranteed. However there is something you can do to improve that response rate…

Just add an attention grabber to your letter!

Some direct mail companies place a $1 bill to the envelope. So here’s what you do…

* Hand write the envelope and put “Personal and Confiedntial” (without the quotes of course) on the left hand corner of the envelope and slanted and underlined.

* Then within the envelope, and attached to your letter, a $1 bill. Have this facing the opening of the envelope so that it’s the first thing they see when they open your letter.

It’s that simple. The “Personal and Confiedntial” creates curiosity and causes the person to open the letter because they just want to know what the hell is inside.
Then they’re hit a second time with the $1 bill.

I know you won’t get much for a dollar. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact they it’s still nice to receive some money out of the blue. The combination of the “Personal and Confiedntial” and the $1 bill create a more receptive atmosphere for the reader and consequently they’re much more open to read and react to your offer.

I do realize that it’s costing you a dollar a head, plus the postage and paper costs. But it is extremely effective. Let’s say that out of the 50 business names you got from the phone book, only 20 had optin forms on their site. That means you’re forking out $30 – $40 in $1 bills and the cost of postage and stationary.

Two things though…

* If you do it this way, make sure that you use clean $1 bills. Make sure they look as new as possible. First impressions count. So don’t present something that looks contaminated.

* If this is too expensive for you at this time, then just either send the letter as is. But do add the “Personal and Confiedntial” aspect to it.

Here’s The Letter Or Email You Should Send

Start Email/Letter >>>

Dear Mr./Ms. ___________, (or Sir/Madam if you dont know the name)

My name is ______________, from ___________ company, and I am a local business consultant.

I realize how valuable your time is, so I’ll get right to the point.

I would like to show you a hidden asset in your business that could (and should) be making you a lot more money than it is right now. If I could demonstrate this to you, would you be willing to spend a little time with me?

It will only take a few minutes of you time. Also, it might be the best 15 minutes you ever spent on your business.

This short consultation is free and the purpose of it is to show you how you can shave as much as 50% off your advertising spending while bringing you in new customers at the same time.

The great thing is that you already have this asset in your company. You just need to learn how to use it fully. As a result, the cost to implement this marketing weapon is small.

Please call me at _________ to schedule a free “no strings” consultation. I can promise you that this will definitely be worth your time.

Yours in business,
Your name
Contact info

<<< End Email/Letter

One of two things will happen. Either a prospect will call you, or you will call them. So in the next couple of days I'll show you a typical conversation to have in both scenarior and how to keep it short and sweet.

So look out for part 3 of:
Simple Offline Business Automation Secrets

Talk to you then.
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