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Make Money with Local Marketing and Mobile Devices

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Posted 30th December 2010 at 10:37 AM by Affiliate Juggernaut

Wow. 2010 has definitely been a crazy (and seemingly quick) year. And we’ve seen a ton of new methods for making an income from home. Everything from CPV to an increase in CPA to Local Marketing.

Today, I want to go more in depth in the local marketing game. First, we had Kevin Wilke’s Local Business Money Machine. This is a great course covering how to make money getting local sites ranked in Google.

You also have Howie Schwartz’s IM Leadership course, which has been around for a couple years now. Then, just a few weeks ago, Mike Koenigs launched Social Media Marketing Machines – a course based on using social media to propel small and local businesses further.

Even more recently, Ryan Deiss released Local Mobile Fusion. This course focuses more on the mobile + Google Places combination to make boatloads of money driving customers to local businesses around you.

The reason I want to hit on the Local Market is because it is such a HUGE opportunity for people like us…

First off, less competition. One of the biggest reasons people get into online/internet marketing is to NOT talk to people face to face. They think that they can just promote a billion products to a faceless crowd. I mean, let’s be honest, it was one of the reasons I got into this.

But with local marketing, you kind of DO need to meet people. You have to talk with the small business owners. And if you really want more clients (said owners) you have to meet with them face to face. There is always that dynamic of meeting someone in person, to get a feel for them, compared to just communicating over the phone or via email.

It’s one thing to send a message. It’s another to talk over the phone, then possibly in real life.

The next thing is that local and small businesses are dying. Literally. I see local businesses around me dying off. They don’t have the customers to sustain the costs associated with running their particular business, and they slowly die off. What’s worse is that there may even be people that could (and would) buy from them, they just don’t know where to go…

If they had someone to do the work for them, they could easily turn things around, and survive this downed economy. They’d get more business, and they’d have you to thank…

Lastly, this is easy for us. All of the stuff required to dominate Google and help these local businesses is actually pretty easy to do. Creating pages, setting up autoresponders, getting links, and so on. These are things that most of us have some rough idea of how to do, but these people don’t have a clue about. If only they knew half of what we knew – they’d be set for good!

Just imagine stepping in for a local business owner. Creating some pages, getting them in Google places, setting up a mobile app for them and having them get more customers then they ever thought possible. It’s a real possibility and anyone can do this…

So, how do You do it?

There are ton of different ways you can help the businesses in your local area. You can set them up with social media accounts. You could optimize their sites for local search terms. You can also get them mobile optimized.

Regardless of what you do, it will all help and you can make a LOT of money from doing this.

Think of it this way:

You sell one product on Clickbank. That’s roughly $25 for you. (avg commission for most products)

Or you promote a local business and make $1000 a month. You would have to sell 40 products on CB to make that.

It’s really a no brainer, and you’re really NOT doing that much more work in all honesty. If you know basic social marketing and SEO, you CAN do this.

It’s just a matter of when will you get started?

Hopefully sooner than later – when everyone else is doing this, and there are no more local businesses left for you.

:: End of Line ::

If you want to see the formatted version, be sure to check out the post on my blog instead, aka mobile local fusion review
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