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Why Mass Money Makers is Like the Movie Tron Legacy

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Posted 10th January 2011 at 07:38 PM by Affiliate Juggernaut

Have you guys seen the Movie Tron Legacy yet? You know, the sequel to the original Tron movie with Jeff Bridges?

Well, whether or not you have, I’m about to lay a brief story on you. This story is about how Mass Money Makers, the current smash hit from Alen Sultanic and Matt Bacak, relates to the movie Tron Legacy and life in general…

Ready? Let’s go…

In the Beginning

About 4 months ago, I saw my first trailer for what looked liked one of the coolest movies to come out this year. The graphics looked good, the characters seemed to fit the bill and the music was kinda this cool like techno music. As I watched the end of the trailer I was enticed to teeth.

The trailer I watched was for – you guessed it – Tron Legacy.

And as the movie got closer to launching, I became more intrigued. I saw blogs, more video trailers (even Tron Legacy remix videos of the trailer) and everyone seemed to be buzzing about it.

I was dead set on seeing it.

And it was probably THE most aggressively marketed movie of 2010. And for good reason. Walt Disney is well known. It stars long time actor Jeff Bridges, and it’s a chance to get in a new demographic of people aside from the usual “little kid” demographic that is usually the main target. (Or more namely parents with kids – but that’s besides the point :-) )

But as it got closer I actually some more previews, and actually became kinda hesitant in seeing. After all the initial shock wore off – I kinda lost my DESIRE to see it. I began thinking things like “oh great, it’s just going to look good, but it’s not going to be good overall.”

And in the end – my thinking sabotaged my desire to see it. So I didn’t. Even though I was initially excited, I allowed my fear of disappointment to ultimately get the best of me.

But here’s where the story turns.

While I didn’t go see the movie the weekend it launched like I had planned, I still had that nagging feeling…

The one that was telling me that deep down I DID want to see that movie. That I didn’t care either way – I still had the urge to see it.

So I did what most SMART people do when making decisions – I asked others that saw the movie what they thought. And out of all them, not one of them said they were disappointed with it. And with that…

I finally broke through my fear of disappointment and went to see the movie.

My result? I loved the movie, just as much as I liked the original. Yes it was very graphically appealing, but it still had the charm of the original as well. (to me anyways!)

In the end, I really had to try it for myself to know if it was any good or not, really.

And I’m glad that I did see it. I was pleased with my purchase.

How this Relates to Mass Money Makers and Life in General

About 2 weeks ago now, Alen and Matt opened the doors to Mass Money Makers. You may or may not have seen some of the hype surrounding this product by now, but like TL (for short) it was one of the biggest launches of 2010 (and still going pretty solidly).

But with a ton of hype, you also get the same effect that I had myself – fear of disappointment.

The more hype there is, the better it should be, right?

If there are thousands of marketers promoting this thing, it better be able to change the world right?

Well, I won’t say that it will (you never know I guess) but I will say this:

In my expert opinion this program is genuinely a good program. The system in place is solid. The software works. And Matt and Alen have already updated the members area like 3 times. They want this to be an all around WIN-WIN situation for everyone…

Affiliates, JVs, and clients. And what’s wrong with that?

Now I can’t go on saying that this system is “perfect” or anything. In fact it’s had it’s share of technical difficulties, and not every one will find that their methods or systems are right for their business.

This happens. We’re all humans (oh wait, not me – but you guys).

My end point is this: If you’ve been researching like a crazy person to whether or not to join Mass Money Makers or not – that’s still on you. I think for the money the system does work. it probably won’t shovel thousands of dollars into your bank account overnight, but it could do some damage over time.

Everything requires time, and testing.

I do recommend it to beginners, and even some intermediate marketers but not to anyone that’s already making enough to pay their bills from home.

This is simply my recommendation. I also recommend you watch TRON LEGACY if you haven’t done so already.

My final advice is this:

Before you buy ANYTHING regardless of whether it’s a movie ticket, online course or the Big Mac at McDonalds – be sure to use your own due diligence and think about the positive and negative consequences. (I recently learned the consequences of a $3 - 2 Big Mac deal, and the Xbox Kinect in one day.)

But don’t let the fear of disappointment stop you. Pretty much everything in our society these days has a money back guarantee for stuff that you don’t think “lived up to your value expectations.”

And with that, I’m out.

Coty Schwabe


PS. If you haven’t picked up Mass Money Makers yet. If you want to know more about the system itself, be sure to check out our Mass money makers review. We also have a bonus.

PPS. Keep being awesome. That is all. Oh, and comments of course are always welcome. About marketing, life, Tron or MMM. It’s up to you – just keep it legit.
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