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Adwords Manifesto Review

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Posted 19th February 2009 at 06:25 PM by Affiliate Juggernaut

Adwords Manifesto QUICK Review

Look, I'm short on time, so here's the breakdown:

Adwords Manifesto is an adwords marketing product that promises to teach you about:

- The one word that must never ever be used on your landing
page... use this and face an instant hike in your bid prices...and your ads will start dropping positions ...
- The covert tool you can use to see your landing page through Google's eyes...immensely powerful as it shows you exactly what Google want to see...and did I mention that it's totally free?
- Steal my 2 top secret SEO techniques to get an almost instant quality score boost, and watch the cost of your clicks plummet...
- Why your Adwords ads absolutely must include ____ in _____ ________ or you are literally begging Google to destroy your business with a terrible quality score
- The exact way to organise your Ad Groups and keywords to get the maximum possible quality score
- The essential, Quality Score boosting change you must make when your campaigns are exactly 7 days old ... and the subsequent changes that must come exactly 7 days after that ...

And more.

Why it Rocks: The Adwords Manifesto ebook takes a couple of new approaches.

1) It teaches more about the basics of building an Adwords business, and keeping it profitable, rather than the normal "promote these products for high profit to cover your adwords costs" approach.

2) It also covers a few tactics that are pretty unexploited, and have been proven to lower costs and increase ROI.

3) Not completely and adwords book (but its main focus is) it also covers a few affiliate marketing tips like list building and niche marketing.

Why it Sucks: I think that until Adwords is no longer used, adwords guides can only be so unique. AM does a great job of finding new things to talk about, but I feel that it has a couple holes.

Pretty good overall for beginners, but a person with little understanding about Adwords may find it a little overwhelming.

The Verdict: I think that a person that has never touched adwords before, will find that they need a little extra help if they buy the Adwords Manifesto.

But someone that is struggling with Adwords, and just looking to build a complete adwords business, that isn't just about promoting the next big thing will find AM helpful.

If this sounds good, you can get a copy of Adwords Manifesto right here.

- Coty OUT

PS. If you want a little extra helpful nudge in the right direction, purchase adwords manifesto, then forward your receipt to cotyschwabesupport(at)gmail(dot)com to get a sweet Adwords Domination package worth $297.
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