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Hey guys Alex Mensah here. I want to share with your my failures and successes with internet marketing. I will post updates on everything I do so you can see what works and what doesn't. Leave me a comment.

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Seven Mistakes to avoid when starting a business online

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Posted 7th August 2013 at 08:34 AM by Alex Mensah

Mistakes to be avoided when starting a business online are essential to those who are interested in coming up with a new online business. Knowing the common mistakes will save them the cost they would incur when correcting the mistakes and will also ensure that no losses are incurred during the whole process. The pitfalls need to be known and avoided as much as possible.

1. Interruptions and destructions.

Allowing interruptions and destructions is one of the mistakes to be avoided. As an online business person, you need to cultivate the normal corporate office culture where courtesy and focus is maintained in all working hours. This will enable you gain focus on the one task of starting and managing your online business. Ensure that you are not interrupted by children or other household chores which can be done later. Switch off your phone to avoid social calls and texts from friends not related to the business and this will ensure you give your young business maximum concentration.

2. Lacking a marketing strategy.

You must not lack a marketing strategy. Learn to position yourself right in the market through a proper marketing strategy. Failing to establish a proper market strategy can cause a lot of challenges when starting your online business since you will not be able to know the right people to focus on. A proper marketing strategy will also help you popularize your business through establishing the necessary target market in order to avoid loss of customers to competitors and to ensure that the services needed are provided effectively.

3. Not having a separate office/work space
for your work.

Not having a separate office is another mistake to be avoided. Despite the fact that starting an online business doesn’t need an office, not having one will be a big problem. A moderately sizable office or work space will be necessary to ensure that documents are kept in a strategic place and avoid being scattered or lost. The office will ensure that inventory, paperwork and appliances are kept well and easy to access. The office will help you avoid misplacement of products and it will keep you organized in carrying out your online business.

4. Over spending time in leisure.

Over spending your time in leisure with friends can also be a problem if it is not in check. This is because online business requires dedication and time in order to be successful especially in its initial start. In order to have a good foundation you must learn to distinguish between business and leisure.

5. Do not over work, at least have breaks.

Online business requires so much commitment especially because you can easily work from home. In order to be more productive you must ensure that you get breaks in between your work schedule such as lunch and dinner and even some time for entertainment or walks. The human body is normally fatigued after a long period working thus breaks will be necessary to rejuvenate your muscles.

6. Enough Rest.

Doing business online is normally accompanied with overworking because the work is always so near you. This makes you get very exhausted very early and become less productive in the long run. It will also make you less productive and less competitive in the market if you do not take a goodnight’s sleep when the night falls. Make sure as much as you are hardworking you rest and have time to relax to make you more productive and creative.

7. Disorganized business structure.

Disorganized business structure lead to failure and not success. To remain growing you need an organized business environment where things are done in a smooth way. For the business to grow an organized environment is very essential and may with time include the need for partners or assistants to help you tidy up and manage your business effectively and towards growth and profit.

In conclusion, mistakes can always be avoided and the list that I have compiled above will help you avoided them when starting an online business. There are plenty more mistakes but the above are essentially necessary to be avoided in order to succeed in growing your business.
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