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How to increase your income by 500% or more

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Posted 4th March 2015 at 03:42 AM by AlexanderBeloev
Updated 15th October 2015 at 02:01 AM by AlexanderBeloev

How to be 500% more productive in your online business.

The biggest problem I have faced while trying to build an online business from scratch was that I always, always procrastinated to do the tasks for the day.

And if I had for example just 3 hours of work planned for the day, I have accomplished that tasks in no less than 10/15 hours (2/3 days.)

This was killing me, because when setting goals, even small, I couldn’t achieve them and I was late with the schedule with weeks or even months.

The reward method

The best practice I have found to increase my productivity is to reward myself for the accomplished work at the end of the day or even at the end of every work session.

For example, if you have to write 3 articles today and you know that it normally takes you 2 hours to do that, arrange a coffee or beer with friends at the end of the day.

This way you will be pushed to do the work before you go out and actually the coffee will be your reward. You will feel like you have been paid the moment you have accomplished your tasks. A little trick that works like magic.

Put Facebook on off

Well, if you want to check your timeline, then do that before the work, it’s always better to even spend an hour or two on Facebook and other entertainment websites, but knowing that this is your free time, not doing it while working.

Then once you start accomplishing your daily tasks you should put all those distractions to off.

Turn off your phone, close all the Facebook, email, 9gag tabs and focus on just doing your work for the day.

If you are focused and there are no distractions, you will improve your productivity dramatically!

Work on sessions

You simply can’t be productive if you work without a break for more than an hour. The best ratio I have found is 40/20 – 40 minutes focused work, 20 minutes leisure time.

For some of you this may sound like a lot of free time, but believe me, it’s not. The break in this case is the reward for your 40 minutes of work, and if it’s not long enough, you will get bored and unproductive.

Drink Water

To be honest with you this method is new for me too. I apply it for 3 days now, but I can see already how powerful it is.

Water is life for the body, it gives you fresh energy and increases the productivity of our brains.

I keep a bottle of water on my desk while I am working on my daily tasks.

I personally have set a goal to drink 2.5+ liters of water per day and just 3 days of doing that I feel more energized, I do my work with better quality and the best part, I do my daily tasks faster and easier.

My daily to-do list you can use as your own

I am going to show you how my time is spread around the day and how I accomplish my tasks with ease.

This is my personal daily (Mo-Fri) schedule:

1) Wake up time (walk, coffee, leisure) – 1 hour
2) Work on sessions - 3 hours (35-40 minutes of work, 20-25 minutes of leisure – normally I drink a coffee or a tea during this time and I just relax.)
3) Lunch time – 1 hour.
4) Work on sessions – 3 hours (the same as the morning sessions.)
5) Free time (going out with friends for a beer.)

Following this plan, if you wake up at 9AM for example, you will be free at 4PM. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

The only problem is that if you are working a 9-5 job you can’t implement this plan. But instead what I have done while working from Monday till Friday I have spent 2 hours per night and 4 hours per day during weekends.

For that time you can earn enough to quit your job in matter of 4 to 6 months.

You just need to be consistent and to stick with a method until you make it work.

I've A Time-Tested Proven System For Getting People From Starting Out To Making $3000+ A Month! Start Today Here!
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