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5 Common Mistakes Stopping You from Making Money Online

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Posted 13th May 2015 at 09:11 PM by alexchen23

The Internet has dramatically reinvented self-employment. Instead of having to rent out an office and hire people to fill that office, you can work from the comfort of your home and get work done with people halfway around the world.

In fact, as the Internet matures, more and more people are successfully making a living from online activities simply by working from home.

With all that said, the sad reality is that most of the people who try to make money online fail to achieve their dreams. Many make very little while many others don't make any money at all.

What went wrong? Their dreams of online income got dashed by at least one of the factors discussed below. If you want to make money online, make sure you avoid all of the following.

Get Rich Quick Mentality

How many times have you seen an ad that promises to make you a ridiculous amount of money in a very short period of time? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, as ridiculous as those ads may be, people fall for them all the time.

Those online 'opportunities' exploit a very real weakness many of us have, and that is the desire to make money with the least amount of effort in the shortest period of time.

The cold hard reality is that making money online is real work. This means you have to put in the time and effort needed to turn your dreams into reality. In other words, you have to pay your dues.

If you got turned on to the idea of earning an income online, you would do well to ditch the get rich quick mentality. Roll up your sleeves and start putting in the work you need to succeed.

Shortcut Mentality

Wouldn't you want to just buy an existing business system and make tons of money guaranteed? Who wouldn't want such a system?

The problem is that if such a system truly existed, then people who developed that system wouldn't sell it. Even if such a system existed, there would be so many doing the same thing that the results would be diluted across so many similar businesses that everyone wouldn't make much money.

In short, everyone who bought into the system would end up in the same place they started – looking for a system that truly generates tons of cash with no risk. Sadly, too many people still fall for 'turnkey' or 'master blueprint' business opportunities. They fail to realize that businesses succeed because they fix specific problems which occur in specific circumstances. There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' business system that will work all the time in all circumstances.

Instead of looking for shortcuts, look for a clear system that is easy to understand. This will allow you to devote the right amount of time and energy on your online business since everything is mapped out clearly.

Confusing Online Business with a Hobby

One of the biggest draws of making money online is that it is very flexible. You can do Internet marketing work on your own schedule. You can do it on your own terms.

However, too many people get too comfortable and they end up not giving their business activities the time and attention it needs to succeed. Make no mistake about it, Internet businesses are still businesses. This means you have to give it the right focus, effort, and attention.

Making money online isn't a hobby. A hobby is something you do when you have some spare time. A hobby is something you do when you feel like it. A business, on the other hand, is a commitment. You do it even when it is not convenient. A business requires your attention even if you don't feel like it. Know the difference between a business and a hobby or else you might fail.

Lack of willingness to learn

Too many people who get into the IM industry think that just because they have business experience elsewhere that they no longer need to learn IM -specific information.

They are very sceptical of people trying to teach them new techniques or new trends. They get stuck in their ways. This is a deadly mentality because the Internet changes all the time. What made money last year may not make money this year.

You have to always keep an open mind to new information and be ready to implement new strategies if you want to maintain or grow your income.

Lack of focus

Where your focus grows, your energy flows. Sadly, since much of the Internet marketing industry is hyped primarily for its flexibility and 'ease,' too many people who get into this industry fail to focus enough on their business. They look at IM as primarily a sideline income activity. If you want to make money in Internet marketing, you have to focus.

When you focus, you make the necessary adjustments that can increase your chances of making money. Otherwise, you can run your IM business on auto-pilot, and it will only produce a mediocre amount of cash. That is, if you make money at all.

Above all else, focus means putting in the time to study the different aspects of your online business. You have to constantly review all the different activities, features, segments, and offerings that make up your business. You have to be meticulous.

What's more, you have to be systematic. You can’t just randomly check up on your business and make random adjustments here and there and expect to make money. It doesn't work that way. You have to have a clear process and system for optimizing the many different parts of your online business. This is the focused approach. An unfocused approach involves taking lots of shots in the dark and hoping to get lucky.

And there you have it – you just learned the common mistakes stopping you from making money online.

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To your success!

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