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Saving Money And Its Free

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Posted 27th August 2018 at 11:49 AM by alliance

Another thing that's cool (and FREE) that I wanted to share with you are ways I save money, which allows me to reinvest in my business. As a newbie, it would have helped me SO much in spending less on life's stuff so that I could have money to spend on things like domains, hosting, tools, outsourcing, etc.

Save money now through Ebates. It works on SO many online shopping areas, so whenever I buy a domain from GoDaddy, money comes back to me through Ebates. My trip I'm taking this summer? I'll get cash back through Ebates. Ordering from Walmart.com? Yep - money back from Ebates. Check it out Here:

I installed a little Chrome plugin so no matter where I shop online, if Ebates is involved, it alerts me. Nice!
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